Thursday, January 28, 2010

fire the "la-ser"

Haha, no, I'm not calling for the head of the new offensive coordinator the very day his hiring is announced. It's just that, I don't know or care at the moment whether he pronounces his name "LAY-zer" or "luh-ZORR" or "LAZZ-er", you're just going to have to get used to at least a couple years' worth of puns on the name, and plenty of this:

We're certainly going to have an "explosive" offense. I hope he teaches the quarterbacks to really "fire" the ball downfield. Especially if they have a "laser arm." It's definitely time to "light up" the scoreboard. I slay me, and I'll tell you what - this more than makes up for not having a guy named Rip Scherer coaching the offense.

The list of big-name coaches endorsing Bill Lazor here is certainly impressive, but I'm actually equally impressed by Bill Musgrave's recommendation. Holmgren and Gibbs and them no doubt want to see a protege and colleague of theirs succeed, but Musgrave has the added motivation of having worked with London and probably having at least a passing interest in seeing London succeed too. So I see his recommendation as carrying as much weight as the coaching heavyweights who spoke on Lazor's behalf.

I admit to not knowing a whole lot about Lazor, but that was going to be true for just about any potential OC hire other than Musgrave. He's a quarterbacks coach by trade (this was going to be the case with pretty much any hire) and has done a little bit of OC'ing before, both traits I was hoping to see in the hire, and he hasn't done so much OC'ing that you wonder why he is still doing it. Also a plus.

Now that the coordinators are in place, the dominoes are ready to fall and the whole staff should probably be ready to shake out in the next few days. (The defensive staff is already pretty much all set, but I think most of the information as to who goes where is still behind the paywall, so I'll just wait for the official release.) We still need to officially hire a few more offensive coaches, but once all that happens and the pegs fall into place, I'll whip up a couple of posts on the cadre of assistants we have. One for the coordinators and one for the positional assistants. For now I just wanted to riff a bit on the OC, since that's all nicely ready to go after a six-week wait. I also owe you posts on Tuesday's verbal commits Jake McGee and Stephen Lawe. And finally, National Signing Day is next Wednesday, so look for a post next week breaking down the 2010 recruiting class once the faxes are in and the verbals become signees.

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