Tuesday, January 26, 2010

just a quick update tonight

I'm watching Michigan-Michigan State tonight, and Jake McGee only just committed today so I haven't had time to go out and dig up the dirt, which means just a quick recruiting board update tonight. At least I got both 2010 and 2011 going on here. The 2010 updates:

- added Miles Gooch and Jake McGee to orange. As if I didn't mention it last night with Gooch, McGee's presence pretty much guarantees that all these guys labeled "quarterback" on the recruiting sites aren't going to be that at UVA.

- moved LB Ralph Williams and RB Dejor Simmons to red.

- moved CB Louis Young to yellow.

- removed OT Dan Foose (dropped us), LB Jeremiah Attaochu (committed to GT), QB David Olson (door is pretty much closed on quarterbacks.)

- added DT Rashad Winston to yellow and re-added WR Justin Hunter to red. Hunter is probably the longest of longshots but we can always hope.

You'll notice the lack, once again, of a blue section. That means that I basically wouldn't be surprised if Jake McGee was the last verbal of the year. These last two put us over 85, but they can be taken care of by clearing out a few would-be fifth-years. With Keith Payne maybe coming back, any more verbals will probably mean starting to dip into the useful fifth-years or waiting for attrition. Naturally, London will have a handle on what academic attrition might be likely, and he'll take verbals accordingly, but I also wouldn't be surprised if we went into fall camp next year with fewer than the 85 limit.

The 2011 board gets a little less attention, but a couple more offers went out, so LB Caleb Taylor and S Ronny Vandyke are added. Looking forward to the efforts on 2011 ramping up and having this get a bit more fun to follow, because 2010 has long since ceased to be. At this point we're just pirating other people's (mostly Richmond's) recruits - there aren't any undecided blue-chips left that we're waiting on pins and needles for.

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