Wednesday, June 1, 2011

recruiting board update

OK, time for some more fun with this thing.  UVA got another commitment over the weekend in the form of Canayjin offensive lineman Ryan Doull, which is just another reason why the weekend rocked.  Doull won't actually get to play on the same team with Austin Pasztor, which is a shame because along with Brent Urban and walk-on WR Brendan Morgan we've almost got a hockey team.  Like Pasztor, Doull will come from the Great White North via Fork Union.

Here's the updates to the board and the map:

- Added OG Ryan Doull to orange.

- Added RB Chris Mangus and OG Tyrell Chavis to green.

- Moved OL Greg Pyke from yellow to green.

Now for the sad parts:

- Removed OL Win Homer from blue (Boston College commit.)  Rats.

- Removed S C.J. Prosise from green (Notre Dame commit.)  Double rats.

- Removed OT Mark Harrell from yellow (also Notre Dame.)

- Removed RB Imani Cross (resolidified to Tennessee) and ATH Corey Coleman (to Baylor) from red.)

The worst development?  Prosise going to Notre Dame.  Screw you, Brian Kelly, go recruit Chicago you bastard.  Prosise was literally the only uncommitted DB left on the board (not the coaches' board I'm sure, but this one) and the ones currently committed are sort of marginal prospects and one (Demeitre Brim) isn't exactly solid.  There's a crying need for DBs in this class, especially safeties, and there ain't much in the hopper.

Losing out on Homer is a bummer since the coaches have been on him for a long time, but there are quite a few linemen left on the board and odds are one or two of them will probably end up at UVA.

So, best weekend ever and all that, and you know the Michigan fan in me got to partake in the fun, too, when it came down that Jim Tressel got fired.  (I don't care what they call it in the news.  Fired is the word.  It always is, especially in this case.)   Now, there's a segment of the fanbase that likes to salivate over the possibility of somebody transferring to UVA every time a coach gets fired or some ripple in the water happens.  The slightest past tie to UVA is enough to get them thinking this could happen.  I think those people are nuts.  And even I think there could definitely be something to the idea that Curtis Grant might find himself a little less than comfortably situated in Columbus.  For now, no.  And Mike London can't call him up to see if maybe he's reconsidering.  Ohio State's probably pretty likely to convince him to stay.  So in the short-term, don't worry your head about it.  Ohio State's coaches will definitely be in his ear, and once Grant shows up to fall camp there's probably no going back.  But you just never know how these NCAA things will go.  Not saying keep an eye on it, but at least put it in the back of your head for storage and reference.

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