Thursday, June 23, 2011

recruiting board update

A quick glance before baseball begins.  Find ye the board here and the map here.

- Added OG Michael Mooney to orange.  Mooney committed last week, bringing the total to 11 and the offensive line total to two.  That puts us right on pace.  11 is about half the class, maybe a little less, and I expect about four, maybe five, offensive linemen.  Mooney and Ryan Doull appear to be reasonably solid prospects, not flyers, but I think there's a need for some higher-profile guys on the line as well.

- Moved DT Tyrell Chavis from blue to orange.  Several of the DTs on the depth chart are converted from elsewhere, either bulked-up DEs or moved from offense, so Chavis is a big pickup in that he's a natural DT that only needs to replace a little baby fat with muscle but is otherwise ready for the position from the get-go.

- Added OT Sean Karl and CB Mike Tyson to yellow.

- Removed OT Blake Bars from yellow, whose top five is Virginia-less.

- Moved RB Wes Brown and OLB Devin Vandyke from yellow to red.

Also, the depth chart is updated since there are like four or five new commits since last time I did that.

Lastly, don't forget to vote in the COY poll at right!  For real, it's very close.  Very.  Every vote really does matter here.  Please don't be that guy who clears his cookies, ok, because this isn't exactly a poll with thousands and thousands of voters like on ESPN, but do vote once.

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