Wednesday, June 22, 2011

video time

Like I said, some days I'd be putting up nothing and working on videos instead.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Click over to the videos page and you'll find the final two games of the lacrosse tournament, the Denver and Maryland games, posted for your viewing pleasure.

Just for your edification, this process is, if I may speak in a foreign language for a bit, a right pain in the arse, lads.  I don't have my Tivo right now, I have something else, and Tivo is what lets you download right to the computer so that's causing what should be a simple four step process (record, download, edit, upload) to turn into at least twice that (record, download to laptop through special box, download to PC, change file format because video editor doesn't like special box's file format, edit, check for parts that the video editor didn't like because of how much data loss there probably is, re-edit to get rid of those parts, check again, upload.)  But we are working hard on this, yes.

Later today: Cal preview part deux.  Fooey, I was hoping to get to the recruiting board today and not to have to do a baseball preview til tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Tivo was so wonderful. It really sucks that the cable companies (the poster child for crappy customer service) squeezed them out.