Sunday, September 18, 2011

blogpoll ballot: week HOLY GOD THE ACC

You have to give the ACC its props this week.  The conference went 2-2 in its "big four" games and was perfectly good and competitive in the losses (well, Maryland was competitive for a quarter.)  And on top of that the conference dominated the headlines by being the first conference to formally announce expansion past 12 teams.

But we're here to talk about me.  Or my Blogpoll ballot, actually.  Here is the ballot.  It looks weird.  Before you freak, read the ballot and then the rationale below.  Then freak.

Now, the deal is this.  Week 3 is when I switch over from still thinking about preseason expectations, to looking purely at a team's resume.  (Last week I got in late-ish from Bloomington, and did not vote.)  I have a method, and here it is:

1) Rank each team's games from 1 to X, with byes counting and being ranked in the middle.  Your best win comes first, your worst loss comes last, etc.  Losses are always worse than wins no matter the nature of either.

2) Rank all #1 games against each other, all #2 games against each other, etc.  Losses are not necessarily worse than wins.  If you squeaked it out against a team you should've blown out of the stadium, that's worse than a narrow loss to a good team.

3) Tally up the points.  If you have the best game of all the #1 games, you get a point.  Second-best game gets two points.  And so on.  Fewest points is highest-ranked.  If your best win is over crappy ol' East Whatever State and someone else beat an actual good team, well, that's a problem for you.

4) Fudge things for common sense.

The small sample sizes of week 3, where some teams have only played two games, means weird things happen like Vanderbilt and Iowa State getting ranked above Oregon.  It also means that since we know very little about just about everyone, I'm still having to use some assumptions that might be faulty.  So, commentary is welcomed, and even begged for.  There's a lot of room here to convince me that someone's resume isn't as good as I think it is and vice versa.

However, one caveat: don't come at me wondering things like what the fuck am I thinking putting Oregon so low when everyone knows how good they are.  This is based on resume only.  Will Oregon probably ascend the rankings as the season goes on?  Sure, but this isn't a predictive ballot.  ISU has managed to beat two BCS-level teams and not lose, which frankly is more than a lot of teams can say.  Same for Vandy.

With that in mind, comment away.

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