Wednesday, April 4, 2012

recruiting board update

It's that time again.  Click on over to the board itself to see, uh, the board itself.  Here are the updates:

-- Added QB Corwin Cutler and DT Donta Wilkins to green.  I officially throw up my hands in confusion when it comes to quarterback recruiting.  Take one every year, I get that.  Take two every year regardless of whether there is a scholarship crunch, I don't get that.

-- Added LB Peter Kalambayi and DE Shakir Soto to yellow.

-- Moved CB Calvin Jones from blue to green.  I haven't heard his name, like, ever, in recruiting discussions, and UVA is his only offer and I'm not thoroughly convinced there is a full, standing, committable offer.  We will consider him down a notch until I see something more concrete.

-- Moved DE Jonathan Allen from yellow to red.  Probably not happening.

-- Removed OT Marcell Lazard from yellow.  Almost definitely not happening.  Dude almost committed to Ohio State the other day.

Interestingly, I think the board right now makes the right commentary on the state of recruiting right now.  Only four names are in blue, but there are a larger number in green than we've seen in past years at this time.  If the coaches can maintain staying power through a hectic springtime - it's visit season right now - we can turn a few of those greens to blues and maybe some yellows to greens.  Gotta get people in town for the spring game, which is in a few weeks, and gotta do enough while folks are in town to keep Virginia on their minds while they take visits everywhere else.


-- File under "Things that make you go DAMMIT": Whit Mayberry and Tommy John surgery.  That'll be all for Mayberry's season, and while the Cav Daily article suggests the starting rotation will take a blow, the truth is the bullpen will suffer more.  Artie Lewicki will be fine on Sundays - maybe not as good as Mayberry would've been, because Whit was putting together a very solid season - but he'll be fine.  What we're missing now, and Lewicki would have provided, is a reliever who can take the ball and go three, four innings.  Like, twice through the lineup.  Kyle Crockett has the durability to do so but hasn't yet shown the consistency.

-- File under "Things that make you go HA": Tyree Watkins has been kicked off of Duke's football team.  Why do we give a damn about some two-bit third-string no-account wide receiver at Duke?  Tyree Watkins, you might remember, was once committed to Virginia.  His commitment didn't last long after his official visit to Charlottesville, because he spent a huge portion of it badmouthing Tim Smith, bragging on his own skills, and telling anyone who would listen that he and not Smith should've gotten four stars from Rivals.  Watkins proceeded to run his mouth at every opportunity during every UVA-Duke game, culminating in making a spectacle of himself by standing outside the UVA tunnel after halftime this past year and taunting every Cavalier who came out.  Except for Cam Johnson.  Seriously.  (And Cutcliffe had the nerve to complain about Chase Minnifield flapping his gums after one play.)  So there's some history here.

So while it is not cool to rejoice in the idea of assaulting a woman**, which is Watkins's (alleged) crime, it is perfectly OK to take satisfaction in the idea that this piece of shit's football career is over and he'll hopefully be out of society for a while.  With the slight disappointment that nobody at UVA ever had the chance to lay him out as he ran for a pass - see, he felt safe trash-talking because he never actually got on the field.

**Does the description of the crime ("The woman claimed that Watkins pulled her out of a car, grabbed her by her neck and choked her, causing her to hit her head against a wall.") feel a little chillingly familiar, if you replace the car with an apartment?  Seriously: fuck this guy.

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