Wednesday, April 18, 2012

recruiting board update

Hello and welcome once again to the weekly recruiting board update.  We've got a great show for you today in which we do the same shit we always do: update the recruiting board.  So, the changes:

-- Moved CB Tim Harris from blue to orange.  Huzzah.  Harris is one of the top pickups of the class and will remain so regardless of who else signs.  The hope is that more guys like Harris, I'm thinking of ohhhh let's just toss a name out there, Taquan Mizzell, who are "strongly leaning" UVA, will make it official relatively soonish and create some momentum, in order to make someone like Micah Kiser, who likes UVA but has a lot of suitors, take notice.

-- Moved OLs Parker Osterloh and Braxton Pfaff, and DE Wyatt Teller, from green to blue.  In the case of the two OL, it's becoming clear that it's UVA or VT.  50/50 is good enough for blue.  I see both as guys who'll slowly and methodically work their way up the food chain, rather than leapfrog anyone on the depth chart.  But, they are the top two linemen in the state.  We're not in any state of major need there, except for my rule that you should take at least three every year - but VT is.  They've been swinging and missing on linemen for a couple years now.  Just keeping either or both of these guys away from Tech so as to make the future Hokie front five look like a paper fence would be worth it.

As for Teller, I have read nothing, either outside or behind a paywall, that makes me think he should definitely be in the blue section vice the green one.  It's just a spidey-sense thing, I guess.  I think Teller will eventually choose UVA.  Now go light some candles and offer some goat sacrifices to make it happen.

-- Added WR DaeSean Hamilton and CB Kirk Garner to green.

-- Added DT Maurice Hurst to yellow.  I hope we get him so I can call him Maurice Hurts.

-- Moved LB Alex Anzalone from yellow to red.

-- Removed LB Dorian O'Daniel from yellow - committed to Clemson.  Bummer, because O'Daniel was the best Good Counsel player that we had even half a legit shot at, but we're after a lot of good linebackers and I gotta feeling it's going to be a very solid linebacker class.

-- Removed CBs Kendall Fuller and Desmond Lawrence from red.  Lawrence committed to UNC.  Fuller, yes, we're giving up on him, or I am; he listed a top six that didn't have UVA in it (fifth bullet from the top) and was full of schools that would be almighty tough to overcome.  Given his obviously well-known connections to VT, it's time to put this one aside.


Piece of news: the all-ACC lacrosse team came out, and has on it Steele Stanwick (obviously), Chris LaPierre (good to see his work be recognized), and Colin Briggs.  Excellent choices, all.  And that's all well and good, too, but - somehow, the ACC's leading goal-scorer (whether you want to use total goals or goals per game) didn't make it, and I refer to one Chris Bocklet.  I would put Bocklet on before Briggs, for starters, but what in the blue Hell is Maryland's John Haus doing on that team??  10 goals and 8 assists in 10 games is Haus's stat line.  He's a sub-.300 shooter.  There are like 10-12 midfielders in the league, at least, who can do what Haus does - he's a solid player but not, like, all-ACC caliber.  Off the top of my head I can think of several players in the league, and not just on Virginia, who'd be more deserving than Haus.  Think UNC's Jimmy Bitter or Joey Sankey, or Duke's Josh Dionne, or a defender like Maryland's LSM Goran Murray or even their second-best scorer, Owen Blye.  Anyone but a guy with 1.8 points a game (and just 12 in 8 games since the first two), and 2 goals and 0 assists in three ACC games.

Bocklet has managed eight assists of his own despite being known as a finisher, which he does spectacularly well - he is the Marvin Harrison to Stanwick's Peyton Manning.  Haus isn't even the second-leading scorer on Maryland let alone the conference.  Stupid vote.  Bocklet got jobbed.

Oh, but speaking of voting, you still have to do so for Steele Stanwick.  Don't let the Dookie win.

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