Wednesday, May 8, 2013

recruiting board update

Time for a relatively minor update to the ol' board.

-- Moved OT Bentley Spain from green to yellow.  Technically UVA is in a top five, six, whatever, but no matter where you look, UVA doesn't get a mention.

-- Moved DE Jalyn Holmes from yellow to red.

-- Removed OT Quenton Nelson (Notre Dame) and ATH Travon McMillian (VT) from red.

-- Added CB DaiQuan Lawrence to green.

It's a pretty active evaluation period right now for coaching staffs, which means new offers going out pretty quickly.  For the moment I'm holding off on adding most of them, except for Lawrence because he's instate, since most of these guys have all sorts of other offers that they've been focusing on for a while and UVA is new to their picture.  I'll wait to see some indication of reciprocated interest before adding them.

Various other mostly minor things have showed up in the news cycle lately, among them the announcment of the ACC's bowl lineup.  The only reason I mention that is to talk about my lack of opinion.  It's, like, the same as last year's.  The Gator Bowl might get added back in the future, which is cool.  Yay and all.  I can get more fired up about that than I can for a rematch with Wisconsin in next year's ACC/B1G Challenge.  I kind of wish they wouldn't do year-to-year rematches like that, but there you go.

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pezhoo said...

On the ACC/Big 10 challenge, I actually just moved to Wisconsin, so I'm very much looking forward to the game, and the morning after. But I get your point. In any case it's a home game, so that is good.