Wednesday, May 29, 2013

recruiting board update

Two commitments in the past week means I look like an ass if I don't update this sucker.  Board is in the same place it always is.

-- Moved OT Will Richardson from green to orange.  Richardson plus Steven Moss gives me a lot of confidence in the offensive line portion of the class this year.

-- Added LB Caanan Brown to orange.  First total surprise commitment of the year.  Not to be confused with Canaan Severin, whose A's and N's are in a totally different order.

-- Moved RB Jordan Ellis from yellow to green.

-- Removed OT Terronne Prescod from red.  Now that we have two OT commitments in a limited year for space, it's time to take down one name where the mutual interest has been low to nonexistent for a while.

You're allowed a little skepticism if the idea of offering and accepting Brown so quickly is a little puzzling, given the small class size we're looking at having.  That said, take another look at the board: I would say there are only three must-get names on there (Kamara, Andrew Brown, and Nnadi) and maybe three more that would be just below must-get (Stewart, Clarke, Keihn.)  Maybe the chances of getting all of the first three are 75%; the chances of getting all of the next three are a lot lower than that.  Get all six (unlikely, obviously) and we'd have 12 in the class with room for a couple more.  Much as we might be excited by the prospect of a guy like Jeffery Farrar coming in from California (which there's still room for) the whole yellow section is not going to up and commit to Mike London.  So if Jon Tenuta sees a guy he likes and thinks would be a terrific fit for the system, he's got every right to offer him, whether or not he had a profile on Rivals before the offer came.

We can't do it too often, of course.  But if it starts to get to be too hard to juggle the numbers, that's when you figure the coaches will start nudging the Andrew Browns of the world toward a decision.


I will preview the Charlottesville regional tomorrow, and then sit out the weekend as it's a busy one.  Next week we get to start having a little fun as we kick off the Cavalier of the Year competition.

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