Wednesday, May 22, 2013

recruiting board update

It's been long enough, so it's that time again.  The board itself is in the same place you left it.

-- Removed RB Cortavious Givens from yellow.  UVA has offered enough other RBs and we've seen little enough of Givens's name in the news that it appears plain UVA has moved on.  Keep in mind that it was the previous staff that offered Givens.

-- Removed LB Connor Strachan from green (BC.)  I had some hopes for that one, but it was not to be.  No Jim Reid (and therefore nobody with a Bahstan accent) makes it harder to pull prospects out of New England.

-- Added RB Jordan Ellis, WR Juwann Winfree, TE (or WR) Jamal Custis, ATH Elijah Staley, and DE Deonte Holden to yellow.  Been keeping an eye on the new crop of offers, which are going out once a day or so to someone new, and these are the ones I think are most likely to bear a little fruit, or at least bear watching.

Staley is the most interesting case; he wants to walk on to a basketball team somewhere and was originally committed to Vandy, but Vandy wasn't OK with that, so he decommitted.  UVA has told him they'd take him, hoops and all.  I do believe he'd count toward the hoops scholarship limit of 13 even on a football scholarship.

Holden is a DeMatha product, which always is worth a look.  I definitely wouldn't mind keeping that pipeline open; we didn't get anyone from there in 2013.


Boo, UVA lost at baseball today.  Badly, I might add.  In the future, however good UVA is and however lousy VT is, I guess they'll always be able to say they had our number in 2013.  The Hoos just couldn't figure out how to hit Mantiply all season.

At any rate all is not lost; a very plausible path still exists to get UVA to the championship game on Sunday.  Obviously they must beat both GT and FSU; it's never possible to get to Sunday going 1-2.  The VT/FSU game doesn't matter;** it's the Friday GT/VT game that matters, and we need GT to win that one.

**Because let's make it a given we win the next two; that makes FSU 0-2, GT 1-1, and VT 1-0 that we know of so far.  If VT were to beat FSU but lose to GT, that sets up a 3-way tie at 2-1, which we win because we had the best regular season win%.  If VT were to beat GT and lose to FSU instead, that would create a two-way tie between us and VT; bad news.  Obviously if VT wins both their next games it's irrelevant, and if they lose both their next games then great.  But the outcome of their game against FSU won't change our outcome.  So we need to beat the Jackets on Thursday then be their biggest fans on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Going to be curious who O'Connor goes with in the FSU game as the starter.

Going into the post-season, I think Silverstein should be considered our "1". He's clearly pitching the best right now, which might not say much but he's our best. Yes, Howard's error hurt Waddell, but Waddell didn't make the necessary pitches in the 2nd inning that game and has been a bit more erratic in the 2nd half.