Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blogpoll ballot, Week 12

Nothing fancy. Blogpoll ballot. Check it out, read my justifications, make your comments, you know the drill.

1 Texas Tech --
2 Alabama --
3 Texas --
4 Oklahoma --
5 Southern Cal --
6 Florida --
7 Utah --
8 Penn State --
9 Oklahoma State --
10 Ohio State --
11 Missouri --
12 Boise State --
13 Ball State --
14 Michigan State --
15 TCU --
16 Brigham Young --
17 Georgia 1
18 Oregon State 8
19 Cincinnati 4
20 Oregon 4
21 Miami (Florida) 5
22 Maryland 4
23 Western Michigan 3
24 Central Michigan 2
25 Florida State 6

Dropped Out: North Carolina (#17), Tulsa (#20), Georgia Tech (#21), California (#22), LSU (#25).

- As you can see, not a whole lot of movement from #13 on up. Everyone just sort of.....did what they were supposed to do. BYU moves up to #14 mainly for beating a respectable team while MSU and TCU made large dents in their couches. EDIT: No they don't. See comments. So now, no movement at all from #15 and up. This seems strange and will probably earn me a second Mr. Stubborn award.

- Georgia only moves up because other teams move down. If I could punish them for making it a close one against Auburn, I would have, but I don't see the justification for moving them any lower.

- It might seem odd that WMU gets to be ranked above CMU despite the result of their game. But I couldn't ignore the overall body of work. Big Ten teams: Western beat Illinois, and by more than Central beat Indiana. Toledo and Buffalo: Central won squeakers, Western won handily. NIU: Central needed overtime. Plus Western has an extra win. Both teams have Ball State as their next game, so we'll see how that goes.

- Why are there even two MAC teams instead of GT and UNC? Because the ACC won't stop losing to itself. I'm throwing out "who-beat-who" scenarios entirely because they all beat each other and its ridiculous. So Miami and Maryland, the two teams that control their own destinies, get the nod.

- GT should actually be ranked instead of FSU, but, I'm being selfish here. See, if there's one rule of thumb in the ACC, it's that ranked teams lose to unranked teams. In 13 games between an unranked ACC team and a ranked ACC team, the ranked ACC team is 3-10. If Miami beats Georgia Tech on Thursday, UVA's division title hopes are officially snuffed. For the next five days, I and the rest of the Wahoo faithful are Georgia Tech fans. I'm doing my best to put them in position to win.

- Oh right, I forgot. One other team I wanted to address. LSU. Yeah, what, seriously? Troy? You spotted Troy a four-touchdown lead? I don't care if you won, get the hell off my ballot and don't come back.


Winfield Featherston said...

pretty nitpicky but I would put UF at #3 and Texas at #4. Just the overall way the Gators take care of business (see past 6 games) It's a shame Meyer saved Tebow up to UGAg which resulted in the Ole Miss debacle.

effay said...

-Love kicking LSU out - they are awful.
-C'mon, Ball State hasn't even played the two best teams in their conference yet, and they've only played 1 with a winning record so far (6-4 Navy). 1!! GT and UNC would destroy your 3 MAC teams.
-BYU above TCU is a HUGE no-no.

Brendan said...

Did I do that AGAIN? Dammit. Yes, BYU will be put back above TCU pronto. I keep forgetting about that blowout.

The MAC teams are staying put though. Ball State is undefeated, which has got to be worth something. I think a top-15 is fair. I'm not putting GT on there because I want them to win, and being ranked is a sure path to a loss these days in the ACC. Just superstition. They can have their spot back after they beat Miami.

Anyway, the Blogpoll guidelines (and granted, to borrow a phrase, they are in fact more guidelines than actual rules) suggest voting on resume rather than "who would win on a neutral field." Descriptive, not predictive. I follow this particular guideline. UNC keeps losing games they should win. Granted, Western/Central/BSU would probably all lose to UNC, but that's not the point.

Brendan said...

Er, that's "TCU will be put above BYU pronto."