Monday, November 10, 2008

weekend review

First things first. Suggestions have been made, suggestions have been received, and this week's Blogpoll ballot is duly fixed. Scroll down some or just click here to have a look-see.

Now, me, I'm something of a uniform snob. I think an ugly uniform is an abomination. I mean, I hate to get all fashion-designer, but the uniform is important. It's one of the primary representations of your team. So I'd be remiss in failing to throw in my two bits on the new duds that the basketball team showed off in last night's exhibition. I wonder, first off, which of the powers that be decided the men's team ought to look like the women's. Don't get me wrong. It's a sharp look. I like it. I especially like the new fancy-font numbers instead of the block ones. I liked the old jersey, though, too. I'm just not sure why we have to keep switching. Hell, I'd have been happy if they'd kept the ones that we had back in the Donald Hand days when I found myself a wide-eyed first year on Grounds. These ones are sharp, so let's hope they decide to keep 'em for a decade or two, because there's something to be said for an identity.

At least some things don't change. The Put Lars In guy is still there, undeterred by the fact that Lars is not.

The Clemson game two weeks from now: Noon, Raycom.

As ever, the recruits and their weekends:

DOMINIQUE WALLACE: As ever, a beast. How does 208 yards and five touchdowns strike you? Chancellor finished the regular season unbeaten and host Courtland in a playoff game next week.

ROSS METHENY: Uh, still sidelined. He'll be, quote, "jogging in January", and Sherando's season is over.

OSCAR SMITH BOYS: Kind of a raggedy game for OS - they merely doubled their opponents' score. Perry Jones ran for 361 yards (about 80% of his team's total) and Tim Smith had a pick 6 as Oscar Smith got out of the first round against Woodside.

TUCKER WINDLE: Caught a TD pass in Charlotte Catholic's win to end the regular season. Playoffs will follow for CC as well; they are the #1 seed in their division.

ALEX OWAH: 14 carries, 200 yards, 4 TDs as Harrisonburg eliminated William Byrd.

Nothing new on the recruiting front, except for the one thing that you probably already knew: one of the big kahunas, Logan Thomas, is a Hokie. Bleah. The recruiting board is updated accordingly.

So, some stuff happened around the ACC, and we're going to let these other guys tell you about it:

Bad Maryland showed up in Blacksburg on Thursday, and predictably, got wrecked. 23-13 doesn't really tell the story right - it wasn't really that close. Sadly, there was no meteor strike. Gobbler Country gives a rare shout-out to Stiney.

GT got pretty much stomped by UNC. With this post - barely fully-formed sentences abound -you can kind of imagine Winfield of The LegacyX4 slumped in his seat, refusing food. You kind of want to take the guy some hot chocolate or something. By the way, they've also got the ACC Roundtable wrapup posted, so go check that out.

BC won the Catholic showdown against Notre Dame in defensively stylish fashion. BC Interruption would like to never ever ever see a kicker trot out onto the field again this season.

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