Tuesday, September 30, 2008

recruiting board

Here it is: the new, improved, and as promised colorful, recruiting board for 2009. It is absurdly colorful. Perhaps too much so. In any case it should be more useful than before.


- Moved WR Bobby Smith to orange.

A note on the board. Most of this should be blindingly self-explanatory, including the shiny colors. Any status below verbal is me editorializing, however, and it should be noted that I know shit for an absolute fact. Good, Fair, and Low reflect what I think are our chances at landing a particular prospect.

- Good generally means we're in a final list of no more than three or four.

- Low generally means 1) either we're in a huge pile of offer letters with no good reason to think we'll make any kind of final four/five/six/whatever; and/or 2) the recruit is talking up certain schools without any mention whatsoever of UVA, but hasn't "officially" narrowed his list.

- Fair encompasses all kinds of possibilities, and one man's Fair is not the same as another's. Bernardo Nunez, for example, listed something of an unofficial top four without UVA and then three more he kinda likes, including us. Morgan Moses hasn't done anything at all about narrowing his massive offer list but has visited UVA a number of times. Dwayne Difton has UVA in a top 5 but a commit would still probably be a surprise. And so on. (Editor's note: obviously much of this has changed, but just take these as examples, OK?)

As with the depth chart, this is very inelegantly done as an image rather than a proper table, so clicking on it will turn it from an eye chart into a readable table.

The list, then....

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