Saturday, February 14, 2009

depth chart updated

This is not "programming" per se, just a note to keep you informed. The depth chart on the right is now updated. Some improvements over the old one:

- Walk-ons without scholarships are now grayed-out.

- No asterisks in the freshman column. Freshmen are freshmen; if they redshirt, they'll just get held back to 2013. That's basically what's happening now - the redshirt freshmen this year were last year's true freshmen listed under 2011 - only without asterisks.

- Members of the two-deep are listed at the top of their box. That wasn't the case before and it was weird-looking.

I left last year's senior class in, so you can see what holes in the lineup need to be filled.

Hopefully you'll find this one a little easier to read.

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