Friday, February 13, 2009

the recruit: Oday Aboushi

Some bits and pieces, first:

College Game Balls took the trouble of cooking up the 2009 ACC Helmet Schedule. He didn't call Virginia "France" so the least I can do is link it up. Enjoy.

Fluff article on Bob Pruett. And of course, a quote:

“If I could wave a magic wand, it would be that Cavalier fans understand that the glass is half full and not half empty,” Pruett said. “I believe that would help things tremendously around here because the players spend a lot of time out in this community."

I really think the program is a better one for having Pruett around even for one season. Shame he couldn't stay longer.

As for programming this weekend, it'll be limited. I'm skipping out on doing any sort of game preview for the Clemson game on Sunday. We're gonna lose - whaddaya want, and how many ways can I say it? Rather than making a bold prediction, I'm gonna do a little bit of behind-the-scenes stuff I've been neglecting. The only post this weekend will be my basketblogpoll ballot; I anticipate that changing only if we somehow win on Sunday or if there's a verbal commit or two that come from Junior Day. RB Kevin Parks is said to be interested in two things right now: Virginia, and not dealing with the recruiting process all summer, fall, and winter. So if there's a commit, it's likely him.


Name: Oday Aboushi
Position: OL
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
School: Xaverian
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 300

ESPN: 78, #26 OT
Rivals: 5.8, four stars, #23 OT, #3 player in NY
Scout: three stars, #71 OT

Sophomore punter Jimmy Howell had a fine season last year, but was inconsistent. Coach Al Groh may have found his replacement in Aboushi, whose punts last season regularly topped 50 yards. His kicking likely wasn't accurate enough to challenge any of the incoming kickers, however. Fortunately, Aboushi is 300 pounds, so if punting doesn't work out, he can readily be shifted to offensive line, where he is said to have some experience.

Yes, I'm pretty feverish today, but no, I'm not hallucinating this - Aboushi was a renaissance man for Xaverian, playing both sides of the line as well as handling punting duties and even attempting that one field goal. When your punter is 300 pounds, how would you know if someone committed a roughing-the-kicker penalty? Guy would just bounce off.

Anyway, Aboushi is rather unilaterally highly rated by the scouting services, although Scout hands out stars like that stingy guy on Halloween handing out individual Smarties. Therefore I will rationalize his meh offer list by noting that NYC is a basketball gold mine and a football sandbox. Schools that go there to recruit are either Rutgers, Syracuse, or ones like us that know we can't call up just anyone in Florida and expect instant commitment. Aboushi justifies his rankings with a second-team all-state selection, so I'm putting to rest any notion that having only five offers means anything.

Aboushi's presence in the class, even before Morgan Moses joined up, made this the best class since 2005 for offensive linemen. He's a field-ready 300 pounds, and if he finds his path blocked at tackle he can slide inside to guard. If Moses can't qualify, Aboushi could find himself in the two-deep on September 5 with a strong showing in fall camp. I'm excited for his potential. It's surely premature to hope that he can make a surprise leap into the starting lineup all Austin Pasztor-style, but at 300 pounds, sooner rather than later is my hope for his contributions.

And I'll consider myself satisfied with the season if Groh trots him out to punt just once.

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