Monday, February 23, 2009

Kevin Parks commits

Rivals sayeth so. ($)

More on recruiting in general later on today, because it's getting to be about that time anyway. For now, content yourself with knowing that the class of 2010 is officially underway. (Although actually it was pretty much already underway with Hunter Steward; I consider him a '10 commit.)

Parks is a smallish running back with absurd statistics. If he was 6'0" and not 5'7", his 43 touchdowns for a state champion school would probably have schools like USC and Oklahoma offering him two scholarships just to make sure. Parks loves him some UVA and does good work in the classroom besides; this is what we call A Great Start to the next recruiting class.

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Anonymous said...

was a assistant coach at west rowan middle school and coached KP in basketball. The most advanced PG for his age I have seen. His brother at 5'9 could dunk a volleyball in 8th grade. I could dunk at 5'10 in the 12th grade and just missed making UNC tarheels Baseketball team. I recognize talent and KP has great talent and desire. He will be a star in the ACC by his sophmore year. Extremely hard to bring down, quick, but not break away speed. Tremendous balance and good student and person. Followed his phenomal high school career. There are going to be many schools regretting not going after him. Very solid pick.