Thursday, June 25, 2009

i have an Announcement

I've become, technically, a "professional" writer, in that somebody has decided that what I do is good enough to pay me for doing it. I've begun writing for and am now the "Virginia Cavaliers Examiner." You can find my own, very special page right here and my first post, a little article on basketball recruiting and What We Should Do and all that, is at this link here, and you should click because that is how I get money.

What's in it for me is a little walking-around money - nothing that's gonna pay any bills, but this also doesn't require me to quit my day job (good thing, because I literally can't) or spend hours every day slaving over a keyboard. What's in it for you is basically bonus content and the chance to see what a big dweeb I look like whenever I'm in close proximity to a camera, because they will insist on having a picture up.

And the good news for both of us is that I don't have to stop writing this blog here, either. In fact you should expect pretty much the same amount of content you've come to expect on these pages. That's my hope and intent at this point. I'm even allowed to get lazy and post the same stuff there that I post here, but I'm gonna try not to do that much because otherwise you wouldn't bother reading both and then what's the point? Examiner doesn't demand a set posting schedule or deadlines or whatnot, and I intend to try and get stuff up there 3-4 times a week, and naturally, you can click through here to get to there and eventually vice versa. In short order there will be new links on the side for you to see.


Bird said...

Sweet dude. Although I'm not terribly interested in the intracacies of the Wahoo program, I will click the links you provide to give you cash. I may even read a little bit of the posts if they pertain to ACC happenings or GT-UVA matchups.

PO13 said...