Thursday, June 25, 2009

recruiting board update

Wow. It's tough to find a more shocking way to start a pleasant Thursday evening than by finding out the King of Pop is dead. That one's right outta left field. I'm not gonna lie: Michael Jackson's music is the shit, more or less; "Beat It" is ten kinds of fun to play on Guitar Hero; and Captain Eo in 3-D with frickin' lasers 'n' shit was placed squarely at the top of the list of Coolest Shit Ever after seeing it at Epcot as a seven-year-old. Michael Jackson was one freaky, weird-ass, not-exactly-all-there dude who stood astride the '80s to a degree that I only know of in the telling, as I'm only a few months older than Thriller. It's a big surprise and yet not: for some reason (usually drugs or plane crashes, actually), all music's greatest die long before you expect them to. Maybe the big surprise is that neither appears to be the case here.

Anyway, we need a recruiting board update, so, here, this is what's up for the week:

- Removed QB Andrew Hendrix (Notre Dame commit), OT T.J. Leifheit (we got officially cut), and S Nick Dew (nothing's changed really except my opinion, which is that our chances are so little as to not even be worth talking about.)

- Added QB Stephen Morris to yellow. Yellow because he's making no secret of the fact that he wants an offer from Florida or Ole Miss. If he gets one we have no shot there.

- Moved RB Juwan Thompson to red. Here's one of those articles you don't even need a subscription for to figure out. The code goes like this: whenever they ask a question in the title, the answer is assumed to be yes, and whichever school's affiliate wrote the article, that's who it's in favor of.

- Also dropped Ego Ferguson. Dude, we didn't even make, like, the top 21. WR Adrian Flemming is also gone; I figure we'd have offered by now, but, we haven't, so why bother. If an offer shows up, I'll put him back, but since February it's been all quiet on that front.

Either later on tonight, or tomorrow, I'll have Interesting News. I recommend furiously mashing the refresh button til then.

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