Tuesday, June 30, 2009

recruiting board update

It's not that long since I did the last one of these, but enough happened over the weekend, including a commitment, that the thing is woefully out of date already. More on commitment #6, Pablo Alvarez, tomorrow. That will be a voyage of discovery for me as much as anyone: I'd heard the name exactly one time before the news of that commitment broke.

Today, though, just a real simple update to the recruiting board. Simple, but big.

- Added CB Pablo Alvarez to the Orange Section of Awesomeness. I say CB, but from what I've seen it's probably going to be hard to peg him down to any one position. CB's as good as any for now.

- Dropped TE Blake Barker, OG Brandon Sacco, and RB Juwan Thompson. They dropped for Stanford, Pitt, and Duke, respectively. Barker was in the blue section based on us being in a top five earlier; I really should know better these days than to put a tight end in the blue.

- Moved WR Alex Kenney up to blue. Kenney has a shot to be the Torrey Mack of this class: the guy who gives an otherwise under-the-radar class a little star power.

- DE Henry Anderson's list of competing schools is his official top eight. Still not small enough a list to move him to blue, but hey, making the cut is making the cut.

- Added CB Rijo Walker, S Detric Allen, and S Lorenzo Waters to yellow. Waters would actually qualify as red ordinarily, but he's DeMatha and thus will have three recruiters in pads to go along with the coaches.

- Added DT Harold Legania and QB Munchie Legaux to red. They'd probably qualify for yellow (well, Legania would anyway), but this whole Louisiana thing is brand-new territory for us and until we prove we can pull someone out of there, I'll take the wait-and-see attitude.

Tomorrow: updateage on Pablo Alvarez; also look for another Examiner post which I'm brewing up.

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