Monday, June 1, 2009

tim weiser is someone else's problem now

You guys are some kinda lucky today. I cut my workout short today just to bring you this post earlier. That's right, I couldn't even wait twenty more minutes to bust out my own personal internet megaphone for a nice little F**K YEAH HOOS!!

I could have done that sometime this weekend, I suppose, as the baseball team was busy bringing their brooms to Irvine, California. I wanted to wait til I had something to shout about, though. And I didn't want to jinx anything. I wonder if I was the only 'Hoo fan to have this sneaky feeling, completely unspoken for fear of angering the baseball gods, that once we had gotten past Stephen Strasburg, the #1 team in baseball isn't scary at all?

Truth be told, yesterday was one of those excellent days where nothing goes wrong. The Tigers blanked the Orioles, Kyle "The Douchebag" Busch didn't even manage a top-20 finish at Dover, and the Red Wings are just two wins away from their fifth Stanley Cup in twelve seasons. And to top it all off, somewhere south of two o'clock in the morning, history is made. History, I tell you. And now it's the Irvine Anteaters swearing loudly at Tim Weiser and his still-very-moronic rationalizations and wondering why they had to get stuck with the Region of Doom.

Anyway, now that the whirlwind weekend of awesomeness is over, let's do a quick recap:

Friday, 7:00 PM: ESPN's debutante party, to introduce America's newest pitching phenom to America itself, for the first time ever on national TV against an opponent with a pulse, begins.

Friday, about 10:00 PM: Oops.

Saturday, 11:00 PM: The pitching phenom having been dispatched, ESPN needs something new to entertain the nation. Enter the phrase "Irvine baseball" and the dancing umpire. Umpire is fresh off his win over singing sensation Susan Boyle and looking to take his talents to an American audience.

Sunday, 2:00 AM: Nobody's sure yet what "Irvine baseball" means, but Irvine fans are pretty sure they don't like it if it means the ball goes past the first baseman and into the dugout all the time. Umpire joins Dancing With the Stars, partners with Danica Patrick.

Sunday, 11:00 PM: Oh, that's what "Irvine baseball" means: stomping a lousy, one-trick pony opponent from a mediocre conference. ESPN commentators declare Irvine needs to continue to do the same, if the opponent will cooperate and stop playing Irvine baseball. Dancing umpire attempts to pick up chicks with patented six-shooter strike call.

Monday, 2:00 AM-ish: ESPN makes history by entering a horse named "Irvine Baseball" in the Belmont. Horse dies as Phil Nevin tries to revive it by beating it with stick. Actual Irvine baseball's tournament hopes snuff it at around the same time Francis Larson tries to save migrating birds from Andrew Carraway's third pitch (Larson misses, but force of blow shatters the air, Casey-style.) Dancing umpire breaks out the Ickey Shuffle.

So all in all it was a successful weekend. Stephen Strasburg learned he's not in the Mountain West Conference any more. The team played really, really, really, really, really, really well. And Tim Weiser is UC-Irvine's problem.

One minor down note from Jeff White today: Morgan Moses does not look to have made the academic cut. Bummer that. At some point in the not-especially-distant future, I'll update both the depth chart and the recruiting boards; Moses will be removed from the depth chart and bumped to the 2010 recruiting class with an asterisk or something; Hunter Steward will move to the 2009 class, as the prep school idea seems to have fallen by the wayside for him. The not un-important silver lining is that the scholarship number drops to 87. Two more players are going to have to go to prep school or get lousy grades or something.

That out of the way, I finish up with more good news. More for me than you though. I've been registered for the reunions (it's my five-year) this weekend for weeks now, see, and looking forward to it naturally since I haven't been back on Grounds for something like four years. So: reunions; symbolically, that's two. The other two is the slim-ish potential that UVA could be the host of a super-regional, which are also this weekend. That's another two, and it's two and two that I didn't think to put together until about nine hours ago. But in this case, two and two make AWESOME. Add to the mix the Stanley Cup that the Wings are hopefully poised to bring back where it belongs, and you have the potential makings of an even better weekend than the last one.

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