Friday, December 18, 2009

awards time

Time to hand out awards in college football, and when you're a losing team you don't tend to be well represented. You can obviously forget about anyone on the offense being recognized for any reason, but the defense has its stars. You might remember that Nate Collins was named first-team all-ACC - a correct call by the writers. Collins isn't eligible for freshman awards though, and the smaller pool of players to choose from for that flavor of award means Steve Greer shines pretty brightly. Greer has been taking home all-ACC and all-America freshman honors from all over the map.

Not to be outdone, soccer rolls on with the award selections too.

And hey, just because you haven't played your season yet doesn't mean you can't collect on the awards circuit - that's what preseason all-Americans are for, and baseball's Danny Hultzen and Jarrett Parker each nabbed an NCBWA selection.

And now for one they're not handing out right this minute, but I wish they were: the Director's Cup, in which we're still first in the standings released yesterday.

Actually, let's talk about this last one for just a second. How totally sweet would it be to win this award, eh? Anyone at all who cares about this award, besides those in Palo Alto, would love to see it wrenched from Stanford's death grip. I wouldn't really get your hopes up, though. Stanford and UNC both have some points left in the bank for the fall, and we got killed in the winter sports last year. Relatively speaking, anyway, as compared to the biggest contenders. We have these great swim teams, but Stanford's are even better and they own random shit like men's gymnastics and fencing. I'd say if our spring sports live up to expectations, we should nab a top-five finish in this thing, but until Stanford trips over their own feet, they're not letting go this award.

Lastly, the recruiting board needs a little shuffling, so I'm shuffling some players on and off.

- Removed QB Hutson Mason, DT Harold Legania, and OT Shane Johnson. I don't know why I forgot to remove Legania after he committed to Minnesota. Johnson is off to Pitt. Mason isn't off to anywhere yet, but it's not here.

- Added DT Stephen Lawe and S Ed Reynolds. Wooo blast from the past! Mike London put Reynolds' offer back on the table.

- DT Brandon Sparrow, who we've probably heard the last of, is moved to red.

Okey-doke. That about wraps things up. Tomorrow, I'm getting on a plane for home, so we are going into Christmas shutdown mode. This is where I take like ten days off, slacker that I am, and post kinda sporadically on an if-I-feel-like-it basis. There might be one or two posts thrown up against the wall in the next week or so, especially if I decide I can't keep my mouth shut about some basketball event or something. If not, regular posting resumes on Tuesday the 29th. Til then, have a Merry Christmas, or a Happy Hanukkah if that's your thing (and you ought to be having one right this minute, anyway), or just enjoy your December 25th if the answer is none of the above.

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