Thursday, December 10, 2009

depth chart update

Sorry, no original stuff today. Insert sad face here. I've taken this slow-news-day opportunity to reconstitute the depth chart, the original file for which was lost in the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2009. Fortunately I didn't have to reinvent the wheel - I mean, it's right here on the blog for me to copy, so it looks basically the same.

I did take the liberty of making a couple updates; the latest verbals are on the list, for starters. I also moved all the true freshmen that played up above the dashed line in that column, as that's the group they'll now join for eligibility purposes and move up next year into the sophomore column. There's another useful little addition. The orange numbers next to the years at the top of the columns tell you how many scholarship players are in that eligibility class. (They also tell me, so I don't have to keep counting one-by-one every time I want to know.)

As with last year, I left the seniors on for a while, and they'll stay there at least through spring practice, the idea being that way we can see what we have to replace. Also, the "freshman" or "2012" column can be a little bit misleading if you let it - those who redshirted technically are now 2013. But you're smart people and I think you'll get the picture.

You'll note that at this time we have 84 scholarships on the team, graduate 12, and will replace them with 13 next year, putting us precisely at the limit. The depth chart assumes that all candidates for a fifth year will be asked back; you should assume otherwise. My guess is three or four players won't get asked back, but in order to strike a balance between simplicity and information here, the chart isn't going to reflect that.

(Furthermore I think Robert Randolph ought to be a candidate to receive a scholarship, if he's going to be the starting kicker from here on out, which by the way he is. So this number-juggling is always up in the air this time of year.)

Tomorrow I'll get back to posting actual content stuff. There are no more weekly Blogpoll ballots this year, so we now depart from the football season schedule and go back to Fridays being a posting day and Sundays being on an if-I-feel-like-it basis.

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