Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blogpoll ballot Week 14

3TCU 1
4Cincinnati 1
5Boise State 1
6Oregon 1
7Florida 4
8Georgia Tech 1
9Ohio State 1
11Penn State
12Virginia Tech
13Miami (Florida) 1
14Pittsburgh 1
16Oregon State 1
17Wisconsin 1
18Nebraska 1
19Oklahoma State 1
20LSU 1
21West Virginia
22Central Michigan
23Brigham Young 1
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Houston (#13), Southern Cal (#16), California (#23).

- Florida takes a larger hit than I was expecting, but the fact is they didn't show up to play yesterday, and the other fact is, they haven't beaten much of anyone. LSU, OK. Anyone else? Arkansas by 3? Tennessee and Mississippi State by 10? The SEC was a flop this year, and Florida flopped their way through it, getting juiced up for their rivalry game against Georgia and that's about it.

- Ohio State takes a small hit because suddenly losing to USC doesn't look too impressive any more.

- Arizona rockets to #15 on the realization that they've now beaten all of the Pac-10 competition for those lower spots. Speaking of the Pac-10, when Cal loses, they don't screw around, do they? Go big or go home. Or in this case, both.

- No need to penalize Clemson, Pitt, or Nebraska for their performances in championship games. In fact, the former two float upwards a notch thanks to teams above them washing out.

- I still think BYU is a fraud. Hence, CMU makes an appearance above them. Hey, at least when Central lost, they didn't get blown the hell up out of their own stadium by a 6-6 team.

- This was otherwise pretty easy to put together. Most teams didn't play, so it's basically fair to take last week's ballot and adjust based on this week's results, rather than starting mostly from scratch like I do most weeks.

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