Monday, October 10, 2011

blogpoll ballot: week 6

Here is one blog's opinion about how things stand after this week:

The first thing to mention about how the formula turned things out is that once again, the above list isn't quite the result of the formula.  See, the formula thought Notre Dame was #8.  It ain't perfect, I guess.  I believe very strongly in how I do this ballot but Notre Dame is not the #8 team in the country.  I'm not even sure it's #16, but I figured Texas was probably well overrated in past ballots, still might be, and so Texas is where Notre Dame's penalty ended.

I think the strangest result, besides trying to debut Notre Dame in the top ten, was Illinois' free-fall 11 spots after rather soundly beating Indiana.  I can only chalk that up to other teams pulling off better things and Northwestern starting to look worse as a resume enhancer.

The Best Game of the Year remains Wisconsin's win last week over Nebraska - I think Nebraska would beat Texas, so that game just pips out Oklahoma's Red River massacre.  South Florida's pantsing at the hands of Pittsburgh would've kept the title of Worst Game of the Year if Southern Miss hadn't come under the consideration umbrella this week - losing 26-20 to Marshall helped keep them out of the ballot.

Teams under consideration that didn't make the top 25 cut, in order:

Virginia Tech
Michigan State
Southern Miss

MSU and SMU were ranked last week; you can see how bye weeks continue to hurt your ranking during the week you have them.  So does acting like you're on a bye week, Florida.  Auburn.  In order to be considered, a team has to have a record of 4-2 or better, although that's not the only criterion.  Three-loss teams won't be under consideration until they can get to 6-3.

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