Tuesday, October 11, 2011

senior seasons

I didn't do a weekend review post because 1) we didn't play and 2) I was at Ford Field yesterday earning my game ball.  Then I went to a career fair this afternoon and felt like I had to keep apologizing for my serious lack of voice.  I can't remember when I've been this jacked up about any of my football teams.  Certainly not the Lions, not until now.  The Lions are 5 and 0.  Mind officially blown.

Anyway.  I decided for today I'll just give Senior Seasons its own post.  This one section always takes as long as a lot of regular posts anyway.

Victory Christian 34, Lake Mary Prep 29: Demeitre Brim scored the game-winning touchdown with 13 seconds left, and threw for two more.  VCA is 4-2.

Wayne County 14, Richmond Hill 13: Greyson Lambert threw for 273 yards with a touchdown and a pick on 20-of-31 passing.  Wayne County is 3-2-1.

Good Counsel 35, DeMatha 21: Playing tight end, Michael Moore caught a game-tying touchdown before Good Counsel broke away in the annual showdown.  DeMatha is 3-2.

St. Joseph 38, St. Augustine Prep 0: Max Valles was in the backfield all day and helped lead the defense in holding St. Augustine to negative yardage.  St. Joseph is 4-0.

Varina 56, Armstrong 16: Maurice Canady accounted for three touchdowns - two rushing and one passing - and ran for 128 yards.  Varina is 4-1.

Ocean Lakes 23, Green Run 6: Eli Harold had two catches for 116 yards, but maybe more interestingly, registered three sacks.  Mark Hall also had 5 five catches for 80 yards.  Ocean Lakes is 6-1; Green Run is 2-4.

Norfolk Christian 44, Atlantic Shores Christian 40: Mario Nixon had 6 catches for 73 yards, and Wil Wahee had 4 for 93 and a touchdown.  NCS is 4-2.

Bayside 42, Kellam 7: Anthony Cooper sparked Bayside to a rally and win with a kick return touchdown.  Bayside is 5-2.

Landstown 26, First Colonial 21: Kyle Dockins caught three for 56 yards and a touchdown.  Landstown is 5-1.

Buford 71, Clarkston 0 (C.J. Moore - Buford is 8-0.)
Malvern Prep 28, Monsignor Bonner 7 (Michael Mooney - Malvern is 4-1.)
Central Bucks South 37, Quakertown 14 (Matt Johns - CB South is 4-2.)
Stratford 20, Magnolia 10 (Kelvin Rainey - Stratford is 3-3.)
Worcester Academy 27, Poly Prep 21 (Canaan Severin - WA is 3-0.)
Hermitage 34, J.R. Tucker 9 (Andre Miles-Redmond - Hermitage is 5-0.)
Hampton 42, Gloucester 3 (Jamall Brown - Hampton is 4-2.)

So that's your results for the week.  I can't help commenting on one thing else though: the fact that TCU has injected a small measure of sanity into the conference merry-go-round by spurning the Big East for the Big 12.  Seriously, TCU and the Big East go together like - well, Boise State and the Big East, which is rumored to be one of their targets, along with Air Force and a host of other possibilities.

Which leads me to say: just fucking die already, Big East.  Your football conference is dead.  It isn't relevant.  The ACC killed it by being better and faster and more proactive.  A conference that spans the states of Colorado, Florida, Tennessee, and Connecticut is ridiculous and if the BCS commissioners allow that travesty of a "conference" to maintain its BCS affiliation, they have the common sense of a banana.  If Air Force, Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida, East Carolina, etc. weren't good enough to be BCS in their original conferences, why should they be just because they now wear "Big East" on their uniforms instead?

UConn and Rutgers, if you ask very nicely, we'll let you in the ACC.  West Virginia, I'm sure the SEC will do the same.  Some kind of short-term deal on taking lesser revenue in exchange for SEC membership has got to be better for the cash flow than belonging to the Frankenstein Conference with a fingernail grip on BCS affiliation.  Louisville, Cincy, and USF, you had a good run with the big boys for like maybe seven years, but get yourself back to C-USA where you started, they'll be thrilled to have you and then you and the Mountain West can fight over who gets the Big East's old BCS slot.  Time for Big East football to end.

Tomorrow we'll have our traditional Q&A session with the estimable From The Rumble Seat, still the best place on the Netz to get your Georgia Tech info.  Here's one half of the conversation; I'll have the other half tomorrow as we ramp up into the meat and potatoes of the season.

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