Sunday, October 30, 2011

blogpoll ballot, week 9

Here it is this week:

First, lemme let you in on the fixes I had to make.  My trusty system put UNC and Texas A&M 11th and 12th, respectively.  UNC, I sort of get.  They added to their profile this week by beating a previously-strongish Wake Forest.  Their wins over Louisville and UVA and close loss to GT looked better this week, and plus they have no bye week, which latter factor is a big help.  That combined to skyrocket them from like 28th or whatever to 11th.  OK, fine, I can rank them without any qualms, but not 11th.  I think they're much better off where they are.

A&M is more puzzling.  I guess my system just likes all their close losses to good teams too much.  I'd considered cutting all 5-3 teams out of consideration to begin with, and I decided A&M hasn't done enough to impress me that they should stay in.  (I guess UNC's kinda the same way, but at the very least, they're 6-3 with a few more wins by their opponents.)  So A&M bumps to 26th, and look who's the beneficiary: Houston.  Even without having to bump A&M, Houston is only two of my system points out of the rankings this week.  They have a pretty lousy top-to-bottom list of opponents (particularly at the top) but my conscience doesn't let me rank a 5-3 team over an 8-0 one.  Houston's got two lousy opponents next on the docket, which will keep them treading water, but they finish strongish with SMU and Tulsa and if they get through that undefeated, I could see them moving into the top 15.

I also had to switch MSU and Wisconsin.  They're only one system point apart, so it's not like I had any great conflict in doing so.  It's obvious in that case who should be on top now - MSU beat Wisconsin and one of their common opponents as well.

Lastly, I had to switch Alabama and Oklahoma.  That's right - the system gave me Oklahoma #2 this week.  Actually, that's not at all indefensible.  Thanks partly to this weekend, OU's top four of K-State, Texas, FSU, and Mizzou is much stronger than Alabama's of Arkansas, PSU, UF, and Vandy.  If Oklahoma's one loss was to a team that didn't just get blown the fuck out by Iowa State, I might have let it stand.  But that's what went down, so I gave 8-0 the benefit of the doubt over 7-1.  This weekend, Oklahoma plays A&M, and LSU and Alabama, of course, play each other.  So it's well set up for the possibility of Oklahoma (or maybe Okie State vs. K-State) breaking the LSU-Alabama stranglehold on the 1-2 spots.

The other teams under consideration, in order, were:

Texas A&M
Texas Tech
West Virginia
Southern Miss

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