Friday, October 28, 2011

rodney dangerhoo

Taken from a post on TheSabre's messageboard:
I'm a physician in chicago and one of my patient's spouses had a U hat on today. I told him they were going to lose tonight. His response was "To VIRGINIA?" He didn't know I was from VA. I reminded him that we handed them a couple of recent losses. He seemed to recall that after I reminded him!
To VIRGINIA? No fuckin' way, brah. Fear the tie.

Your tie is cardboard.  It's fucking cardboard.  Or at best it's a clip on.  Michael Irvin's was printed onto a t-shirt.  I wonder if you know how to tie one?

Ayyy.  "UVA fears the tie" indeed.  Congratulations, Miami, what a great new tradition you've conceived of, I bet there's no other school in the ACC who does that sort of thing.  Next time Texas A&M comes into town, Miami fans will all be holding up the number 12.  Al Golden (who coached at Virginia) wears a tie in seven Miami football games and suddenly Miami is the team with the tie tradition.

No respect these days.  None.  I might've predicted a loss but I'm not running around acting surprised we won.  I guess you could chalk up the above sign to what happens when you let n00bs into the conference, but look, before I even applied to UVA I didn't even know who the UVA football coach was but I knew they wore ties to the games.

Maybe some of this is our fault.  We had damn good seasons not that long ago and we don't even act like it, so why should anyone else? Why shouldn't they confuse us with Duke, and think we go to a bowl once every thirty years?  Still, there are some surprised-ass people today.  Miami lost?  To whom?  To VIRGINIA??

When's the last time that happened?

Well guess what.  We goin' bowling.  We got work left to do to get there but we goin' bowling.  That's not a jinx because I said we were gonna do that at the beginning of the season, all I'm doing is not changing my tune like I haven't done all season.  If our offensive line can man the hell up the way it did, and Laroy Reynolds can man way the hell up the way he did on fourth and ballgame, and they can get out there shoving people around, then dammit I ain't gotta apologize for having an attitude.  And gettin' kinda pissed when people act like we're here to watch Miami when frickin' nobody in Miami came to watch Miami.  And after we've produced a winning season maybe I won't have to listen to Thursday night announcers spending the whole second half discussing what Miami has to do to get back in the game.

That's four in six years and two outta the last three in Miami.  We wear the tie in this relationship. Takin' that swag back to Charlottesville, too.  It's goin' on the trophy shelf next to that piece of what used to be the OB.  Come win it back.


Anonymous said...

Wow, lots of apostrophes today. Very exciting.

kezki said...

love it! well said

Anonymous said...

gotta love this...we have good reason to have some swag. do you think the virginia-miami game has the making of a semi-rivalry game? it's an annual spar that now has plenty of sore feelings on miami's side of things. also london and golden were spawned from the same coaching tree. you also bring in the dumb "fear the tie" motto and you have a rivalry game. i like it.