Wednesday, May 9, 2012

recruiting board update

Because it's Wednesday.  The board page is here.  Updates:

-- Moved DT Donta Wilkins and LB Peter Kalambayi from green to blue.

-- Moved OT Brad Henson from yellow to blue.  Consider these guys, along with Wyatt Teller and Taquan Mizzell, the next wave of hopefulness, of sorts, now that Micah Kiser and Zack Jones have committed.  Notice that all of them except Henson have four stars from at least one service, and Henson is pretty close.

-- Moved CB Calvin Jones from green to yellow.

-- Added LB LaChaston Smith to yellow.

-- Removed RB David Williams and DE Jonathan Allen from red.  Top fives, eights, whatevers, without UVA, mean removal.

One other thing might change the recruiting board: the news that Trent Corney is now likely to enroll this summer and join the 2012 class for real.  If and when the school announces that, I'll take him off the 2013 board and put him on the 2012 one, which might be gone from the links soon anyway but whatever; he's 2013 because he wasn't going to be on the team this fall, but if he's on the team this fall, he's 2012.  Why the sudden change?  My guess is it means someone else fell off the academic wagon.  We know Tyrell Chavis is a candidate for a prep year, but even if you don't count him, Phillip Sims made 85 scholarships even.  Adding Corney as well probably means further attrition is on the way.

Good news: baseball and lacrosse make their hopefully-triumphant returns to the field this weekend, so previews resume as normal tomorrow.  In fact baseball actually started up again this evening; it's nice to get back to a routine.

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Anonymous said...

Blue section...that would be epic if we got all of them.

Really hope Doug Randolph begins to see the light...