Wednesday, May 16, 2012

recruiting board update

If you've been noticing that posts these past couple weeks have been coming out pretty late, pat yourself on the back for your perceptiveness.  This is because for the past year I've been a grad student, and now I'm a grad student with a job that they expect me to show up for.  So on days when job time is followed directly by class time, you get posted at late.

Anyway enough of that; it's time for the recruiting board again:

-- Moved QB Corwin Cutler from green to orange.  That just happened.  Today.  It's too bad you can't put more than one quarterback on the field at once with all the ones we have now, but if in the next five or six years we ever have bad QB play it certainly won't be for lack of recruiting them.  The staff seems determined not to have all its QB eggs in one basket, a la Peter Lalich, who turned out to be a pretty flimsy basket.

-- Moved TE Arshad Jackson from green to yellow.

-- Moved WR Paul Harris, ATH Chavas Rawlins, and LB Daniel Reid from yellow to red.  Reid is probably going to VT, and after reading the latest Rivals article on him..... I can't honestly say I'm disappointed about that.

-- Removed ATH Trent Corney from orange.  DON'T PANIC.  It is only because I said I would, if and when the school made an official announcement regarding him, and that's what happened.  He's now part of the 2012 class officially.

There's little else to talk about today, and it's late, so I won't; this weekend is a big one, though, and full previews are on the way tomorrow and Friday.


Anonymous said...

Something's gotta give on the QB front. The easiest guess is still that Watford switches positions/transfers, but even then, it's hard to imagine Lambert/Johns and Cutler/Marshall in back to back years and all four staying put. That's probably down the line, though. My guess is that Watford goes through fall to see if he can unseat Rocco, and to see how Sims factors into things. Assuming Rocco/Sims are ahead of him, wouldn't stun me if he ended up making a decision on ... something ... thereafter.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't all eggs in the Lalich basket. It just seemed that way when we failed to develop every other QB after Musgrave left. Landed at least one QB at/near the top of the board in each of 2002-05 and took a high profile transfer. Ridiculous that a true freshman would be in the mix at QB in 2007.

As for how the current depth chart will unfold, not clear if any of these guys can play another position, so I'd expect some attrition.

Also expect the depth chart means we'll strike out on the high profile QBs in 2014, like we did in 2013. Not that we necessarily need them. Cutler and Marshall certainly seem to have ACC potential. Just need to coach 'em up.