Thursday, May 24, 2012

recruiting board update

Sorry, no sudden commitments this week.  The recruiting board changes are devoid of additions to the orange section of happiness, but changes to that area, I feel, are not far off.  Next weekend - eight or nine short days from now - UVA is hosting another junior day, and I've got a good feeling we'll like the result.  Similar to when Vincent Croce and Marco Jones committed on a junior day two years ago, I think Mike London will get a big one next weekend.  I don't know who.  No, I'm not saying this with a nudge nudge wink wink.  Call it intuition - we'll see if it doesn't fail me.

This week's changes to the board:

-- Moved OG Jack McDonald and DT Maurice Hurst from yellow to blue.  Hurst comes with one very large caveat, however.  His top two is UVA and Michigan, and when UVA is hosting a big junior event the first weekend of June, Hurst won't be there.  He'll be in Ann Arbor instead.  And I think he'll commit to Michigan.  Right now both UVA and U-M fans expect it.  If he goes, like, four or five days and is still on the board, it might be time to get excited.  By my usual rules, even if there's a top two that includes UVA, if I think UVA is clearly #2, that's usually not blue-worthy.  But a secondary purpose of the color scheme is to let you know which names to keep an eye on, and right now Hurst is front and center.

-- Moved WR Zach Bradshaw and DT Tevin Montgomery from yellow to green.

-- Moved LB Marcel Ngachie from green to yellow.  Every site out there is hinting that maybe the coaches aren't going after him as hard as the rest of the board.

-- Removed DT Darius Commissiong from yellow.  Committed to Georgia Tech.

-- Removed ATH Chavas Rawlins from red.  Committed to West Virginia.  Neither are going to make it to the list of biggest misses come February, although Commissiong was a guy the coaches offered very early.

Also added to the board is a lot of stars in the Scout column.  They finally got around to rating a bunch of guys, which is awfully helpful for me.  ESPN is the last holdout, but the actual good news here is now I can get a start on the recruit profiles.  They go chronologically, Brendan Marshall is the first, and he was one that Scout hadn't rated.  Fortuitously, ESPN has, so look for that next week.  And let's hope ESPN gets around to rating all the rest of the list so I don't end up with a pile of 15 backorders (so to speak) staring me in the face, which is what usually happens.

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