Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2012-2013 Cavalier of the Year nominations

It's one of my favorite times of the year.  June is FOV's anniversary month, which I celebrate by pretending like I matter, and naming UVA's Cavalier of the Year.  Or rather, I pick 12 names and then let you name the Cavalier of the Year.  (Mostly.  I will explain below.)  This is the blog's fifth birthday, and the previous four winners have been:

2009: Danny Hultzen
2010: Diego Restrepo
2011: Danny Hultzen
2012: Mike Scott and Morgan Brian

Now it's time to add another name to the list.  Here are this year's nominees:

Brittany Altomare - Women's golf
Will Bates - Men's soccer
Casey Bocklet - Women's lacrosse
Steve Greer - Football
Joe Harris - Men's basketball
Jarmere Jenkins - Men's tennis
Scott McWilliams - Men's lacrosse
Caroline Miller - Women's soccer
Melanie Mitchell - Softball
Mike Papi - Baseball
Luke Papendick - Men's swimming
Paige Selenski - Field hockey

Here's how this will work, for the uninitiated.  For the next couple weeks I'll run mini-profiles of each athlete, two at a time, and in random order so as not to unduly influence any thinking.  After which, the voting begins.  I want to add a couple rules this year, or not rules necessarily, but some guidelines on the way this'll go.

-- I reserve the right to interpret the results however I like.  I did this last year when it became clear that Mike Scott was the choice of most regular readers.  It's just a fun little thing, after all, not the Nobel Prize.  And it's my blog.  That said, I've never arbitrarily changed a winner for any reason.

-- I ask that anyone who wants to post a link somewhere that says "vote for so-and-so" post a link to that page in the comments.  Especially if it's on Facebook, because when I try to backfollow the link it just goes to Facebook's "warning you're leaving Facebook" page.

Profiles commence Friday, because Thursday will have the super-regional preview of Mississippi State.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Joe Harris wins it because he's the most popular player in the revenue sports. But since I follow all sports, I'd vote for someone who is one of the top 5 in the nation in their sport, which leaves us with three options:

Jarmere Jenkins - Men's tennis
Caroline Miller - Women's soccer
Paige Selenski - Field hockey

Then I think you have to go with Jenkins, since he led his team to a natty. Anyways, looking forward to the process.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Crockett as a write-in?

Deane said...

It's not even close - Jarmere Jenkins.