Saturday, June 29, 2013

recruiting board update

Since I've been gone for a little while and because I'm such a nice guy, here is a rare Saturday post.  It's what the title says.  Oh and also it's because I didn't want to go very long without having Andrew Brown in the right spot.  Board here.  Updates as follows.

-- Moved DT Andrew Brown from blue to orange.  Having him and Quin Blanding in the same class isn't quite on the level of Ahmad Brooks/Kai Parham excitement, but that's only because Brooks and Parham committed on the same day.  Mike London has to feel awfully good about having literally years of groundwork paying off.

-- Added DE Evan Butts to orange.  Butts has been one of those guys that the "Power 5" schools (we're just gonna go ahead with that terminology a year early) wanted to see at their camp before they offered, and has been earning them wherever he goes.  UVA was no different, except that UVA was where he'd already made up his mind to go if he got the offer.

-- Added OT Marcus Applefield to yellow.

-- Moved DT Derrick Nnadi from blue to green.  Nnadi is simply a guy whose mind is a long way from being made up.

-- Removed DE Jeremiah Clarke (UNC) from green.

-- Removed ATH Elijah Staley (Mississippi State), DE Deonte Holden (NC State) and S Kiy Hester (Rutgers) from yellow.

-- Removed DE Jalyn Holmes (Ohio State) and CB Troy Vincent (Penn State) from red.

That's a fairly extreme paring of the list, but it makes sense as there are now nine commitments, which is exactly equal to the number of seniors on this year's roster.  That means slowing down the commitment train, which in turn makes the yellow section much closer to red than before and starts us wondering how much room there is for the whole blue and green sections.

If you haven't done so yet, do not fail to vote in the Cavalier of the Year poll on the right, nor to read the profiles, which are compiled here.  And I promise only one more semi-hiatus before the end of the summer - after which, because of the expanded ACC, we'll have to go into football mode a little early.

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