Saturday, June 22, 2013

vote for the 2012-2013 Cavalier of the Year

All 12 profiles have now been published, for each of the FOV Cavalier of the Year nominees.  Now is the time for action.  Your job is to vote.  You should check out the profiles of each of the candidates below, if you haven't done so already:

Brittany Altomare - Women's golf

Will Bates - Men's soccer

Casey Bocklet - Women's lacrosse

Steve Greer - Football

Joe Harris - Men's basketball

Jarmere Jenkins - Men's tennis

Scott McWilliams - Men's lacrosse

Caroline Miller - Women's soccer

Melanie Mitchell - Softball

Mike Papi - Baseball

Luke Papendick - Men's swimming

Paige Selenski - Field hockey

I think this is a strong list of candidates.  Very strong.  One of the better lists we've had, actually.  You have one ACC Freshman of the Year, three ACC Players of the Year.  Three of these candidates set UVA all-time career records.  Many were the best - say, top-ten or top-five - in the country at some particular event or statistic.  One is a national champion - twice.  Nearly all of them were at least all-ACC second team, most on the first team.  Several were all-Americans.

A little reminder of a few rules I need to lay down:

-- One person, one vote, OK?  Maybe you know how to get slick and fix your cookies and whatnot, but, look, honor system.

-- If you decide to champion a particular candidate, that is fine; I ask that you put a link to the page where you're doing so in the comments of this post.  Especially if you do so on Facebook.

-- I reserve the right to interpret the voting results however I like.  That doesn't mean I'm just going to switch the winner to whomever I feel like.  I do know who I think should win, but I'm keeping that info to myself.  It's more along the lines of last year, when Morgan Brian was the top vote-getter but it was also clear that Mike Scott was the choice of the regular readership, so I made it a double award.  That sort of thing.

Voting will stay open for two weeks-plus.  It will close on Sunday, July 7.

For one of those weeks, I'm going on a hiatus.  It's summer, it's not like you'll miss me that much.  I have a week-long vacation next week - a big sailing trip.  Racing, actually.  It's the summer, it's what I do in the summer.  When I get back, I have plenty of stuff planned.  Til then, happy voting.


Anonymous said...

This is a VERY strong list. I'm gonna have to go with Jenkins (is there anything he DIDN'T do? well, yes, one thing, but even that was just barely), but if the competition is going to be this tough every year, you might consider going with 3-2-1 voting or the like. It hurts to not be able to vote for ridiculously strong resumes like Selenski's and Miller's (my would-be #2 and #3).

Brendan said...

That would be a good idea, but the Blogger poll system doesn't allow it, so if I do that I'd have to figure out some other survey site that does. Or let you guys fill my inbox with votes.

Sandmeistr said...

If you go that route...I voted for JJ. If I could throw support to at least one other cavalier, I'd vote for Caroline Miller too.

Anonymous said...

It's early yet but it's disappointing that Caroline Miller and Paige Selenski (my vote) are doing so poorly. However, I get the Jenkins votes, he's probably as worthy as Miller and very close to Selenski.

blacksburg hoo said...

I had to go with Harris. The basketball team wasn't supposed to be that good and they were competitive and almost every game. Joe Harris' performance against Duke was one for the ages and to see the Coach K meltdown was icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide if it's totally awesome that a tennis player is probably going to win this award, or if it's totally sad and pathetic that a tennis player is going to win this award. Final verdict: a little bit awesome, and also slightly sad.

Sandmeistr said...

Are we allowed to discuss other people's picks (opp) here?

Anonymous said...

Brendon you sandbagging son of a gun, you're not allowed to leave this long! You need to feed the village people

Seriously, have fun buddy and good luck.

Anxious to see what you have planned upon return. Cheers