Thursday, June 13, 2013

recruiting board update

That time again, yes.  You know how this goes and where to find stuff and all.

-- Moved RB Jordan Ellis from green to orange.  That we would almost definitely take a running back, I mentioned way back in February; that became a dead certainty when Clifton Richardson left.

-- Moved DE (or LB) Melvin Keihn from green to blue.  I like the way this is trending.

-- Moved ATH M.J. Stewart from green to red.  Less good news there; athletes-who-will-probably-play-cornerback, however, are a luxury at the moment, and highly-recruited luxuries usually prefer to go where they're not a luxury.

-- Moved OT Alex Bookser from yellow to green.  Since the yellow section was getting fat and the green one awfully slim, I moved the greenest yellow entry up.  Bookser has a sort of top eight, but UVA can reasonably be expected to be ahead of several of that pack.  And behind a couple others.

-- Removed CB DaiQuan Lawrence (Wake) from green.

-- Removed S Germaine Pratt (NC State) from yellow.

-- Added CB Greg Stroman to blue.

-- Added DE Kurt Holuba to yellow.

That's it for today.

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