Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blogpoll ballot, Week 6

This week's Blogpoll ballot.

- Programming note: You may notice the new logo at the top of the ballot. If all goes according to plan (not my plan), starting on Monday noonish there are likely to be many more people with some kind of opinion on this. That is why this goes up now. Blogpoll ballots will henceforth come out on Sunday, late morning timeframe, and in a post of their own so they can be added to the Clemons section. What this means for you, the loyal reader, is that any comment made on Sunday or earlyish Monday is going to carry more weight than any made after.

Ballot notes:

- The top five of this were easy. Afterwards it got real iffy, real fast. About 10 teams seemed like likely candidates for the 6th spot and beyond. USC? Ohio State? Florida? Virginia Tech? These rankings are supposed to reflect what a team has done, not so much what we think they'd do if they played each other, and so I ended up giving the benefit of the doubt to undefeated teams. So enjoy the view, Vanderbilt, and don't get dizzy.

- Auburn and Oregon? Uh, yeah, we're gonna need to go ahead and move you downstairs into storage. Auburn has two losses and two wins that may as well be losses. When your win over Mississippi State looks like a hockey score, that doesn't really count as a win. Two losses plus bad wins over the dregs of your conference equals out. Oregon has a stronger case but they haven't even looked competitive in their losses. If they're that prone to getting blown out, then they don't deserve a ranking.

- Tulsa, on the other hand, has played crappy teams but destroyed them all. Sooner or later that deserves a boost. Now is that time.

- The other team we say bye-bye to is Kansas. This decision was made at halftime of the ISU game. Yes, regardless of final result.

- Georgia looks like they're getting dinged hard for not playing this week, but it's really just a case of getting leapfrogged by a whole bunch of more deserving teams that did play. Besides, even before the Alabama loss they had been looking weak against South Carolina and ASU.

- One thing I try not to do to much of is go off my ballot from last week, which results in perhaps more shuffling than usual. The methodology is to line up all the teams with suitable records (this week, 4-2 or 3-1 was that cutoff, although no 4-2 teams made the final cut) and compare resumes. This is how you get UGA dropping so far. That 4-1 record of theirs looked a lot better when it wasn't up against as many 5-0s and 5-1s.

Less yacking, more ballot posting, then....

1Alabama --
2Penn State --
3Texas --
4Oklahoma --
5Missouri 2
6Vanderbilt 11
7Utah 3
8Brigham Young --
9LSU 4
10Virginia Tech 1
11Southern Cal 7
12Ohio State --
13Texas Tech 3
14Oklahoma State 1
15Florida 5
16Ball State 5
17Michigan State 6
18South Florida 12
19Boise State 3
20California 6
21North Carolina 4
22Georgia 8
23Tulsa 3
24TCU 2
25Connecticut 14

Dropped Out: Auburn (#13), Oregon (#19), Kansas (#24).

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