Thursday, October 16, 2008


'Cause sometimes that's what blogs are, y'know?

Anyway, first up is this here over at, where they have published up an interview with Kris Wright, the brains, brawn, and wits behind TheSabre. Go check it out - Kris and his band over at TheSabre are as close to the program as you can be without a media credential from a Serious Newspaper or a letter-letter-letter-number-letter email address. Closer, in many cases; the article happens to be about the feelings of the fanbase and Kris is certainly in better position to know that than And I agree with much of what Kris said, with one major exception: I don't think Al Groh's magic number for staying put is six wins. I think it's higher. I think the team will really have to pull off a stunner of a second half to save Groh's job, because when the AD and not the coach is dismissing players from the team, it says something.

Next up is the Blogpoll breakdown. It's a little late this week due to whatever issues, but it's up, and you can go read it at CBS, right here. And yes, I'm the one who bounced LSU entirely, and by the looks of it the only one. And they're going to stay that way unless they make South Carolina's mothers cry this weekend.

There is some fluffitude about Marc Verica and Mikey Groh at the RTD. Verica gives MGroh credit for his development. Which is fine: Mikey has done some quality quarterback developing during his time here. The stats, however, speak for themselves, and I don't mean just this year's stats: Mikey is still a lousy OC. A fine QB coach, yes. The best I can say for his OC'ing is that the ECU game boosted us into the top 100 in total offense. Rocketed up to 99th, we did.

Further fluffitude - and this is a good article worth your time - about verbal commit Laroy Reynolds, currently playing ball at Maury down in the Ghent area of Norfolk. Nice place, if you've never been. Warms one's heart to see the future of the team in a positive light. Self-deprecation: I checked my own archives to see what I'd written in the past on Reynolds just for some background reference on what I might write for this one, and you know what, don't even go looking, cause I don't know who or what wrote that stuff back then.

"Hey, Coach Groh, remember Peter Lalich? Nobody's mentioned Peter Lalich in a while. Don't you think it's funny that nobody's mentioned Peter Lalich? Aren't you happy you're not getting any more questions about Peter Lalich?" And a question for you, Mr. Doughty - what's so fragile you can break it just by saying it's name?

It's almost time for the NC State-FSU game to start. While that's going on, I'll be writing the game preview for this weekend and it'll be up, snappy, tomorrow morning.

Bonus link, added as an edit: the ACC Roundtable roundup is up at BC Interruption, and Brian has done an excellent job mixing up the usual doldrummy way of doing things.

Hey, and I'll leave you with a cheerful thought: today we're just exactly one month away from the start of basketball season. Tipoff with VMI is at 4 PM, a month from today on November 16.

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