Friday, October 3, 2008

game preview: Maryland


History against the Terrapins: 32-40-1

Last matchup: W, 18-17 in College Park

Team records: UVA 1-3 (0-1), Md. 4-1 (1-0)

Last week: UVA lost to Duke 31-3; Md. defeated Clemson 20-17

Line: Maryland by 13.5

Maryland blogs: Turtle Waxing

OUT: OT Landon Bradley, LB Aaron Clark, S Matt Leemhuis, RB Max Milien, RB Keith Payne, OG Zak Stair, TE Joe Torchia

QUESTIONABLE: WR Kris Burd, WR Maurice Covington, DE Kevin Crawford, FB Raynard Horne, RB Cedric Peerman

PROBABLE: OG B.J. Cabbell, DE Matt Conrath, CB Vic Hall, S Corey Mosley, WR Kevin Ogletree, FB Hall Simmons


The only thing worse than losing to a hated rival is the week before a near-guaranteed loss to a hated rival. Part Three of the Take Swift Revenge On Virginia Tour is coming to a Scott Stadium near you. This tour consists of teams against which we pulled out improbable 2007 victories coming back to voice their displeasure in ways that involve at least four touchdowns. The Twerps may in particular recall this. This is not likely to go well.


- Shut them out. This seems to be what it takes to win a game these days. The offense isn't good for much more than a field goal or so, thus any win we get this season will have to be the result of a Herculean defensive effort.

- Hope for a little home-field magic. Wahoos looking for any kind of rationalization at all may note that we have traditionally been terrible on the road. And while we have in fact been blown out of the stadium three times, two were away from home and one was USC. This is called "reaching, big time." Home games tend to bring our the best in our teams, so maybe the combination of home game plus night game plus backs-against-the-wall plus signs in the stands can be worth a little something.

- Forget the ineffective play-calling on 4th and 1. Next time that situation rolls around, grab a jelly donut and heave it in the direction of the Maryland sideline. Hopefully instinct will kick in, Plutoid Ralph will rush out on the field to grab it, and we'll get a sideline interference call and a free first down. And Ralph gets a jelly donut. Winners all around.

- I'm serious about that shut-them-out thing. My faith in the offense has been completely vaporized. Not to mention, half our receivers and running backs show up on the injury report.


- Very easily.


Badly. Keith Payne is out and Cedric Peerman isn't real likely to go either, but the running backs are not the problem with the running game. All of Maryland's principal ball carriers are averaging over 5 yards a carry, and we all saw against UConn how effective the run defense can be. Maryland used a big BIG play from Darrius Heyward-Bey in the second half to steal momentum from Clemson and ultimately win the game; don't expect the Plutoid to wait that long to unleash him on our defense tomorrow. Ralphie isn't stupid; he, like everyone else, knows that once you put our offense in a hole, they're not coming out. Maryland has made everyone forget they were the team that lost to Middle Tennessee State; they are now the team that whipped Cal and knocked off Clemson on the road. Meanwhile we are the team that ended Duke's futility streak. There is no reason to think this won't be yet another blowout. Gawd I hope I'm wrong. There's not much worse than losing to a team whose mascot is a turtle that's flashing you.


"The policy prohibiting signs, banners and flags in all UVa athletics venues has become a distraction and has taken the focus away from supporting our student-athletes. Our football team needs our support right now and that should be our collective focus. With that in mind, I am repealing immediately the policy prohibiting signs, banners and flags in all athletics venues. I encourage all of our fans to be in attendance at Saturday night's football game with Maryland. My hope is our fans will wear orange and be prepared to support the Cavaliers." - Craig Littlepage.

Support the team. Be in attendance. And wear blue.


Duke @ Georgia Tech, 12:00
Boston College @ NC State, 12:00
Virginia Tech vs. Western Kentucky, 1:30
Florida State @ Miami, 3:30
North Carolina vs. Connecticut, 7:00
Byes: Wake, Clemson

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