Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blogpoll ballot, Week 9

Wrapup of Georgia Tech coming later today, at some point when I feel like it. For now I can't stop going to ESPN and looking at the Coastal standings. It's magical. As an excuse to keep doing so, I've come up with this week's Blogpoll ballot for your perusal and consideration. My own comments first; then, ballot.

- I'm pretty sold on the order at the top, as you might have guessed by the fact that the top 7 are totally unmoved. I'm even more sold on keeping Oklahoma State above Oklahoma now, as they have both lost to the same team (which happens to be #1), and Okie State gave them a harder time of it, and it was in Austin instead of a neutral site. Not only that, but Penn State is also now a very solid #2 and it will likely take either a PSU loss or Alabama winning the SEC title game to make them lose their spot.

- After that, Texas Tech bumps Ohio State down one notch. TT's sked is improving, but it would take a win over Texas next week to really vault them into major title contention. In fact it would probably boost them into the top 3. OSU is punished only lightly for losing to the #2 team in the land.

- 10 through 16 are largely unchanged as well. A little shuffling, but the teams are the same.

- It's #20 or #21 on down where I am going to practically beg for suggestions. UConn and Cal reappear after being the teams bumped from the last ballot. I am not sold on them, and neither am I sold on Oregon, FSU, or even GT. The problem is, who replaces them?

- Northwestern? Not after losing to Indiana, and they have a really weak slate of narrow wins over mediocre teams.
- Pitt? I am dead set against ranking Pitt. I didn't do it before they lost to Rutgers, I'm not doing it now.
- USF? A commenter pointed out last week that USF was middling-ranked while the team that beat them was not at all, and it was a fair point. Now I am not ranking two teams that beat them.
- LSU? Again, not after losing. In their own house. Badly. Didn't rank 'em before, not gonna do it now.
- Notre Dame? Cincinnati? Louisville? Boston College? I can't see it.

- That leaves the ones we have now. I've been resisting putting FSU up there all year, but after beating Virginia Tech and by process of elimination of the teams above, I pretty much have no choice. Any reasonably convincing case for shuffling any portion of the ballot is always welcome; any reasonably convincing case for un-messing the spots from about 19 on down is especially so.

1Texas --
2Penn State --
3Alabama --
4Oklahoma State --
5Oklahoma --
6Utah --
7Southern Cal --
8Texas Tech 1
9Ohio State 1
10Florida --
11Ball State --
12Georgia 1
13Tulsa 1
14TCU 2
15Missouri --
16Boise State 2
17Michigan State 1
18Minnesota 5
19North Carolina 5
20Brigham Young 1
21Florida State 5
22Connecticut 4
23Georgia Tech 1
24California 2
25Oregon 1

Dropped Out: South Florida (#17), Boston College (#20), Virginia Tech (#21), Vanderbilt (#25).

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