Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i wasn't gonna say it but what the hell... know UNC hasn't beaten us in Charlottesville since 1981, right?

Just wanted to get that off my chest. The CDP has an excellent and not-at-all-streak-jinxing article up detailing some of the more enjoyable games the Oldest Rivalry in the South has seen since the streak began.

And we have John Madden, or at least his spirit, on our side. Only he could have written the following line that appears in the official game writeup:

The Most Offense Typically Wins

Zowie, is that so? Now I know why I don't go the official site for cutting, in-depth analysis.

Just for shits and giggles.....

I call this little piece: Ronald Curry, In Charlottesville, Not Winning A Football Game.

I said it on Sunday, didn't I? It's nitpick time. Which is nice, because it means we're winning. "Fire Everybody" tends to be the mantra when you're losing and does not qualify as a nitpick. So, having gotten perfectly satisfactory performances out of his offense and defense, Groh now harangues on the special teams. Rightfully so. The punt returning in particular I think has been iffy. Hall was much improved against ECU but made just some awful decisions in the games prior, and there was a costly running-into-the-kicker penalty against Maryland. (Not that costly, though. 31-0. But it did extend a drive.) On the other side of the punt equation, Jimmy Howell has been good about half the time. Which is fine, he's a true freshman and inconsistency is the hallmark of that year group, but it's also Groh's job to stamp out that inconsistency.

The article also has a couple short paragraphs about John-Kevin Dolce, all of which fail to mention Dolce's carrying on the tradition started by Chris Long of authoritatively creating Chris Turner-shaped impressions in the turf. This could not be accomplished without the cooperation of Mr. Turner and his so-called offensive line and we thank him for his contribution and further hope and expect that he will celebrate his senior season next year by allowing this fine tradition to continue. Monsieur Dolce (he is of Haitian descent and thus in French tradition has a double first name.....only in English) looks forward to the pleasure.

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