Sunday, October 3, 2010

blogpoll ballot, week 5: the big 12 north revival edition

This week's ballot, presented for your consumption. Comments, as always, invited; I explain myself below.

As with last week, and every week hereafter, this is a resume ballot. Laddering - the practice of "Team X won so I should move them up X many spots" - is verboten, at least on my ballot. Moves up or down may be the result of winning or losing, yes, but they might also come from a change in perspective on the opponents.....

- For example, wins over BYU and Georgia are now officially given "whatever" status, much as if you had defeated Mississippi State or Wyoming, which explains why Arkansas and South Carolina bit it this week and Nevada took a bit of a drop.

Actually, Mississippi State is, for now, considered a better win than Georgia.

- Holy crap, I crunched the numbers this week and Michigan came up 6th. Ahead of Ohio State, even. Weird, and my first thought was to do a little divine intervention there, as is often done after the numbers churn out whatever they churn out, but I had another thought. Yeah, Michigan's had some narrow scrapes against what "should" be inferior opposition, like UMass, but then again, UMass is 4-1 and 8th-ranked in I-AA and would probably have a winning record against OSU's opponents, who are 8-15 total. Not having a good day against Illinois didn't help the Buckeyes either, so that basically answers any Indiana-related concerns you'd have about Michigan.

No, I'm not moving Boise State ahead, either, at least not until VT digs themselves further out of their hole.

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