Sunday, October 17, 2010

blogpoll ballot, week 7

The machine broke this week and spit out some pretty weird results, so I had to apply some common sense. Even with common sense applied, it's one of those weeks where I'd rather just rank 20 and call it a day. But the teams that didn't make the cut are just really weak. Texas, Arkansas, Nevada, USC, Miami - well, Nevada's WAC-snack schedule looks pretty bad when you start losing to it. And I remain relatively unimpressed with Nebraska as compared to everyone else, which means that beating them is also less exciting. But at least the Horns are back in the conversation.

Other things which might look weird to discerning eyes:

- NC State lost at a very inconvenient time, but VT's rise gives them a boost. Plus, GT is a very solid win and UCF is actually looking like a better opponent than it used to. But mainly, I looked at the teams just outside the top 25 and none of them really jumped out.

- Michigan isn't going to be a popular pick to be ranked, but they did only ever lose to top-10 teams. I'm probably still overrating Indiana and therefore the value of beating them, but whatever.

- Arizona is way the hell below Iowa, which would be weird if Arizona hadn't spent the last few weeks looking horribly unimpressive. 10-9 over Cal? 24-7 over a 1-6 WSU team? (Possibly the most competitive 1-6 team out there, but still.)

- Mississippi State sure took a flying leap up the rankings, which surprised the hell out of me, but I'm OK with it for now. They've been competitive in their two losses to the #1 and #2 teams on the ballot, and they deserve a reward for knocking off Florida and Georgia. I think they'll drop sooner or later, but for now, why not?

- Oklahoma got hurt a bit by having a bye week - the system is a little biased against teams with byes and in favor of those who've played a full schedule. I'm OK with that, though, because isn't 7-0 better than 6-0?

Anyway, this is still not a ballot I'm totally onboard with, so a little corrective input is always welcome.

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