Sunday, October 31, 2010


Fucking GREAT WIN today. Holy crap I love me some win.

But the Michigan game put me in a bad mood. Never waste a bad mood. Tomorrow (which is technically today) all kinds of nice words will be written, don't worry. Tonight I'm coming to the defense of the honor of UVA fans, while I'm still pissed off enough to feel like it matters and isn't just one of those things that gets thrown out into the intertubez to float around in the forgotten ether.

Here's SB Nation Atlanta (whatever Atlanta has to do with anything) and their douchey take on the hit that knocked Jacory Harris out of the game:

He landed on what appeared to be his neck and was taken into the locker room. The Canes are crumbling without him, as Virginia put together a touchdown drive and his backup just threw another pick of his own.

The reaction of Cavs fans in attendance is up for debate.

....insert Twitter reaction from below-mentioned CFB editor (and co-editor/author/whatever of uber-blog EDSBS)....

We’ll take the word of SB Nation’s college football editor over the mouthpiece of the bowl Miami will probably end up playing in as long as they stop doing silly stuff like losing to Virginia, but nice try, The Man.

What's the Twitter reaction? What have we done that is "up for debate"?

"Almost the whole time he was lying perfectly still, the HOOS were echoing."

Fuck, lady, were you even watching? I know you, the faithful fan, were, so you know well enough that

1) the initial OOOOs were reactions to the replay on the scoreboard
2) the next cheering was for our OWN injured player getting up and walking off
3) there was one numbnuts next to a sideline mic that hollered GO HOOS twice and was echoed by about four people.

SORRY WE HAVE AN OVERENTHUSIASTIC BORED GUY IN THE AUDIENCE. Any stupid putz watching the game could tell the only sound going on "almost the whole time he was lying perfectly still" was the announcers gasbagging about I don't even know what, and then would surely have taken note of the cheer that went up when Harris arose.

I probably shouldn't even give this any airtime, since it's just a dumb throwaway observation by someone paying little to no attention. But never waste a bad mood. And hey, SB Nation Atlanta: never waste a chance for sweet sweet pageviews by getting some Youtube mileage out of the same hit that had you so weepy over the fortunes of an innocent college kid getting raucously cheered over by 40,000 delighted fans AMIRITE?

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Brian said...

Thank you for calling SBN Atl out on this. I saw the post yesterday and had the exact same reaction to it.

I was at the the student section, where you're more likely to hear rowdy/obnoxious/classless jeers during an injury than anywhere else. And there were some, of course, right after the hit and the replay (it was a big hit and an interception, what do you expect?). But once Harris had been down for a minute or so and it was clear he was seriously hurt, everyone shut up and pretty much just stood and watched. Everyone also applauded when he initially moved, then again when he got up and walked off.

And of course you can't overlook the fact that there was plenty of cheering when our guy on the other end of the field got up while Harris was still down.