Sunday, June 8, 2008

obligatory introductory

This blog is here because others are not.

The college football blogging landscape is rife with options for your reading pleasure, if you are something other than a Virginia fan. Michigan fans alone have approximately 4,267 blogs to choose from, each of them witty, insightful and claiming a large followership. This would be 4,266 more than the number devoted to UVA sports, the one being the highly entertaining but apparently orphaned Sexy Results. So I'm here to slim down the margin a bit.

So who am I? Proud University of Virginia graduate, devoted University of Virginia fan, and not the right person for this job, I think. I can write, and I have opinions, and I'm not slobbering all over myself waiting for the nurse to bring my porridge, which qualifies me to have a blog. Yay me, and the other 6 billion people in the world too. Unfortunately:

- I don't know what I'm doing. I have minimal computer-nerdery skills, so I'll be learning this as I go.
- I don't know what I'm talking about. I don't have any inside track whatsoever. I get my info from the same places the rest of you do. And I happen to live in Rhode Island, which is not a short walk from Charlottesville.
- I have terrible timing. It's not football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, or anything-at-all season.

The good news is I write better than most of you. So in the days, and hopefully weeks and months and years, to come, I'll be offering you my opinion on the haps in C-ville, and in the college sports world in general (focusing mostly on football and basketball and other sports that our beloved 'Hoos are making noise in) and you get to read them.

Wish me luck.

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