Monday, June 30, 2008

guess what?

New commit, that's what. Cody Wallace, that's who. (Rivals $) The sneaky devil actually committed last week. And here we all were, blogging and talking away and not having the slightest notion.

Wallace is the 18th commit and the 2nd Wallace to commit to Groh & Co. before July 1 this year. We are cornering the market on Wallaces. There are six of them in the Rivals database and the only ones with a commit are coming to Charlottesville. When the Wallace Rankings come out, guess who's gonna be on top? Oh yeah.

Anyway, Wallace C. is a slightly undersized offensive lineman, but he is a tackle where that's OK. He is not interesting to stargazers, because he has none - yet. This is where we remember what Groh says about walk-ons (under-evaluated, not under-talented) and remind ourselves that it often applies to actual schollie guys too. Wallace's only offer as yet besides UVA was UCF, but there were some larger names - Da U among them - that had been showing interest.

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