Saturday, June 14, 2008


J.R. Reynolds has got 'em.

Reynolds, who only signed a one-year contract with Vanoli, is by no means fluent in Italian. He says he learned just enough to “get by.” When pressed about what that meant exactly, he admitted it entailed being able to talk a little trash on the court and having the requisite skills to introduce himself to young ladies at various social events.

That's certainly good to know. Knowledge of Italian would also have been good for not ending up with a hardboiled-egg-and-spinach pizza when I was in Sicily. So it's a useful language. Also good to know is these li'l tidbits of news on guys who once suited up for our 'Hoos, especially ones like J.R. This one came from a piece from the Daily Progress. Fluff, to be sure, but the best kind.

And a switch to football....

Sewell aims for return to UVA

Applause and kudos to a guy who'd rather have that UVA sheepskin than cling to a shot at being a sixth-round draft pick out of East Bum State.

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