Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tate forcier and his top ten

Scout has a premium article, but why bother with that? The man himself has a website and (pretty generously) lists his top ten in screaming bold letters for all to see. Virginia fans beware - it is bad news. Virginia fans, rejoice! It is also good.

Tate Forcier's top ten schools

As you can see, UVA is not in the top ten....but all is not totally lost. "Schools of interest?" Mr. Forcier must be trying to set world records for speculation created. Good....bad....who knows? I suspect that UVA would replace somebody in the top ten if Groh sent a written offer, given that he's created space for us and seems to want that offer in hand. So I think this should be considered slightly good. Better than bad, certainly - we could be Iowa and out of the picture entirely.

So what's the bottom line? Send a letter, Coach!

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