Monday, June 9, 2008

whoa look i'm already bringin' you the news

If you haven't seen it already, of course.

C-ville Daily Progress

The latest addition to the family of 17 and 18 year old football playin' kids who are likely to fax their signature to Groh 'n' Co. next February is ILB Connor McCartin from Warrenton.

McCartin joins LoVante' Battle as the second recruit ESPN has placed a 40 by; 40 is code for *shrug*. Rivals has no evaluation either. And I'm several hundred miles from Warrenton. So I'm no help there. Yet. But they put a 40 by Keith Payne too, and don't we just love us some Keith Payne. (We still do, right?)

In other, blog-related, areas:

As you may have noticed, it's past 8 PM. It's not likely I'll always be posting this late. Why sometimes, I might slide in as early as 6. Whoa, don't wake the neighbors. So, all you people (yeah, I'm talking to both of you) who've already jumped on board the good ship TGOB, know that weekday posts aren't really going to come in time for you to waste your time at work most of the time. But don't let me stop you from sitting there and refreshing anyway. F5 all you want. I don't mind.

Future posts will entail:

Me telling you what I think of the '09 recruits so far, because I wouldn't be a blogger without it. Besides, it gives me 12 days worth of topics. Keep in mind though: I'm writing entirely from the perspective of a fan who reads things, watches things, and when he can, goes to things. Not the guy whose second cousin's wife's sister's boyfriend hangs out with Al Groh at Chili's on Wednesday nights. Kind of like the Sports Guy before being a fan became his job. I don't get to rationalize my voracious scouring of the Internet with reasons like "it pays the electric bill."

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