Tuesday, June 10, 2008

some basketball news this time

First up, a li'l fluff piece from the Daily Progress on Will Harris:

Harris ready for redemption

There isn't much to digest. No surgery on his back and he likes the #43. When the second biggest juicy bit of news in an article concerns the number, yeah, it's kind of a slow news summer. Which is probably still better than hoping praying wondering wishing that Lars' shoulder will not suddenly refuse to bear the weight of his arm.

Notes from the Richmond Times

What to take away from this? Kevin Crawford's readmittal to the University is a good thing indeed given the need for a defensive lineman with a pulse. Actually many defensive linemen with many pulses. Previous playing time, which Crawford has a little of, is also nice.

Back to basketball as mentioned above: Tristan Spurlock, probably Leitao's #1 recruit now that DeShawn Painter decided he liked orange and blue but got his schools mixed up, will be camping at the JPJA next week. (The Times calls him a 2010 recruit but he is class of '09.) Not that it's now or never, but it sure would be nice to have a talented guy like Spurlock committed when you have him in town, and nice to get a start on, you know, this year's class when the SEC is out there poaching the class of 2013 already.

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