Monday, October 5, 2009

Blogpoll ballot Week 5

I am a bad, bad Blogpoller for not having this in for the early deadline, but circumstances didn't allow it. Al Groh is in his ninth season as our coach, so you know by now how circumstances can make a mess of things.

2Virginia Tech
5Boise State
7Southern Cal 4
8Ohio State 4
9Miami (Florida) 4
10LSU 7
11Auburn 3
12Georgia Tech 6
13Oregon 2
14Iowa 6
15TCU 8
16Oklahoma State 7
17Penn State 5
18Georgia 8
19Oklahoma 3
20Nebraska 1
21South Carolina 2
22South Florida 2
24Brigham Young
25Houston 17
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Michigan (#21), North Carolina State (#25).

This seems nepotistic to me. Why is Oklahoma State ranked so high? Well, they beat Georgia, that's why. Why's Georgia ranked so high? Well, they only lost to Oklahoma State. And LSU, which is now pretty high up there because they beat Georgia. It's a vicious circle. Much the same is true for Oklahoma and BYU. The problem is, who do you replace them with if they're not worthy of ranking? The waiting list includes Pitt, Michigan, Stanford, and Boston College, all of whom have losses to teams that ranked teams shouldn't lose to and not much in the way of a marquee win.

Also, TCU took a big drop which seems weird, except it seemed weirder to keep them ranked in the top ten when their best win of the year is Clemson, which just gacked against Maryland. Us beating UNC did not counteract that very much at all. I sort of had an epiphany and realized their schedule so far really kind of blows. So I dunno, I guess there's still a lot of perception bias in this thing. One thing I did try to reward is being 5-0, which only eight teams can claim. They're all on there now, even though Wisconsin has played nothing but crummy teams and squeeeeeaked by four of them.

As for programming this week, the weekend review thingamajig will just have to wait til tomorrow. One win does not, unfortunately, lift Al Groh off the hot seat, so Wednesday we'll look at another potential replacement. Hopefully I can squeeze Akil Mitchell in there somewhere.


B.Lane said...

I'm just glad y'all at least have the good sense to rank Georgia above Oklahoma. UGA beat SC, Arkansas, & Arizona St, with 2 losses to Top 5 teams (Ok St, LSU). OU has only beaten the mighty Idaho State and Tulsa, w/ losses to then-ranked No. 20 and No. 17. And yet.... Georgia falls out of the coaches and AP polls, while OU stays in? WTF. I seriously hate rankings.

Brendan said...

I actually had the fleeting thought of removing Oklahoma entirely. I mean, 2-2? But both losses are by one point to ranked teams. They get to stay but they had better deliver a serious thrashing of Baylor next week or they could get leapfrogged right out of the poll.